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Manchester Flights & Travel Guide

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Why fly to Manchester?

As the locals say, you'll be "madferit" or mad for it in layman's terms. Manchester may be world-renowned for its football teams and seriously buzzing music scene, but the city has many layers that are just waiting to be discovered. The city was the hub of textile manufacturing during the Industrial Revolution, evidence of which can be found in a number of cotton mills that sit outside of the city center, some sit empty while others have been converted into residences.

This cotton mill turned apartment is just a small example of Manchester style, a mix of sturdy creativity speckled with fun, childish charm. Manchester is also home to some of the county's most treasured building's like the neo-gothic style city hall. In addition, there are numerous community squares as well as natural reserves that provide locals and visitors a little respite from city life.

There are numerous art galleries and museums and the city is home to two symphony orchestras. You can also catch a world class show at one of the cities numerous performing arts venues.

The rainy city has produced legendary musical acts like Oasis and the Happy Mondays and created a bit of a musical citizenry, with the city's residents known as dabblers in one type of music work or another.

Manchester Weather

Manchester is rainy so be prepared with rain gear regardless of when you visit. Temperatures are fairly mild in the summer with numbers in the high teens on average. Winters are fairly cool with numbers falling to the negatives from December to February.

When to fly to Manchester

Peak Season:

School holiday season coupled with nice weather has made summer the most popular time to visit and with that flight ticket prices are at an all time high.

Off Season:

The coldest months are naturally the least popular times to visit, prices dramatically decrease in January and great deals are available into March.

Getting into Manchester

Manchester Airport is your best bet if you want to fly in as close to the city center as possible. Upon arriving you will have a number of choices on how to get to your destination. Head to what is called The Station at the airport and from there you including bus, coach, taxi and train service. The airport website has a handy guide creation system that can help you plan your to and from airport trip.

Getting around Manchester

Manchester is a walking city as long as you don't mind the rain. However there are a number of vehicular options if drizzly weather is not up your ally. The city's public transportation system is extensive and includes bus, train and tram. The rail option is great if you want to get out of the city center for a day trip, while the tram is perfect for quick and central spots.

Insider Guide

  • Manchester has numerous food options, ranging from true English bangers 'n mash to international fare ranging from Turkish kebabs to succulent sushi. Hot Indian curry's are a bit of a taste obsession in the city and to do what locals do, head to the "Curry Mile" located in Rusholme. There you will find the cities tastiest curries, ranging from spicy to flaming.
  • For a taste of how the English do their mega malls, head to The Arndale Shopping Center where you will find international brand names as well as tourist trinkets. However, if you want to see a Manchester shopping institution head to Affleck's Palace where a bit of unusual is mixed with a tad of strange.
  • Step back in time with a visit to the Stockport Air Raid Shelters that take you to the Front in WWII. The shelter was designed to protect 6,500 people and was the largest air raid shelter for civilians in the whole country. A tour through the tunnels takes you to fragile time in the city's history.
  • The Manchester Art Gallery is a must-visit. From artwork from renowned British artists like David Hockney to a unique collection of pre-Raphaelite work, the gallery provides a lense into history you won't find anywhere else.
  • For a day in nature head to the picturesque Piethorne Valley. The valley, located in the Pennine Moors, is dotted with numerous water reservoirs built in the Victorian era. The lovely landscape is perfect for stunning picture-taking as well as a leisurely walk and picnic.
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Cheap Flights to Manchester (MAN)

Historical prices for Manchester flights.

Departure Airline Prices
Chicago Air France $628
Newark bmi $503
Los Angeles American Airlines $701
Orlando Delta $574
St. Louis American Airlines $720
Boston Continental $530
San Francisco American Airlines $679
Tampa American Airlines $653
Tokyo Air France $1330
Vancouver Air Canada $847
Dallas Fort Worth American Airlines $827
Seattle American Airlines $739
Phoenix Air France $875
Washington Dulles Air France $860
Seoul Air France $872
Hong Kong Air France $867
Frankfurt Air France $197
Bangkok Emirates $845
Kuala Lumpur Emirates $905
Mumbai Air France $681
Amsterdam Air France $112
Berlin Air France $150
Baltimore Air France $853
Hyderabad Emirates $781
Salt Lake City American Airlines $790

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