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Lisbon Flights & Travel Guide

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Why fly to Lisbon?

From lovely beaches to gorgeous buildings, Portugal's capital city will surely entice you to stay a little longer than you had planned.

­Lisbon is located on the banks of the Tagus River and a coast walk is a must on your trip. The city's architecture is a buffet of styles ranging from the modern to the gothic and all that is in between. Lisbon hosts some of the most important museums in the country including the National Museum of Modern Art to the National Museum of Natural History and Science. Several theaters play host to artistic events through the year like the Teatro Nacional and the Teatro Nacional de Sao Carlos. Try to schedule a show and if time is limited than just pay a visit to douse yourself in the unique style of these spaces.

One of the most visted sites is the Christ the King monument which looks over the city and is an amazing, looming work to witness close up. Antother beatiful site is the Se Cathedral, which has perfectly harmonious interiors and is beautiful to take in a drop-by visit.

The Atlantic Ocean makes for a gorgeous site as you lay on one of the city's beaches. Head to Carcavelos for your morning coffee and then check out or partake in the surfing action beach side.

A large chunk of the country is made up of an urban park - Monsanto Forest Park and is one of the prides of Lisbon. It's a great place to head for a few hours to unwind, picnic and take in the scenery and watch how Lisbonites do green.

The city has a fantastic night life that can last into the early morning. Some of the favorite spots are Bairro Alto where you can get your libation and enjoy it outside in the quaint curvy streets with hundreds of your new closest friends.

When in Lisbon be sure to try some of the lovely desserts, local favorites include the pastéis de nata, which is a decadent custard tart and a twist on our Western pie are the lovely little apple-filled numbers called tarte de maçã.

Lisbon will leave you feeling warm all over with its cozy cafes, lovely beaches and beautiful, friendly people.

Lisbon Weather

Lisbon has a lovely warm climate. The summers are long and start in May and go right into October. The seasonal temperatures hovering around the 30 mark in the height of summer and low 20s in the beginning and end of the season. The winters cool down to between the low teens and the tens. Rainfall is generally seen in the winter months.

When to fly to Lisbon

Peak season

The summers are a popular time to visit the city. The tourist crowds take over in July and August, which makes that a particularly expensive time to book flight tickets.

Off season

The fall months mean lower tourist numbers and great weather, which makes it a great time to snag deals on flights. The beginning of the year also brings in supreme flight deals, however temperatures are slightly cooler, but you an take in all the sights without competition.

Getting into Lisbon

Your gateway into Lisbon is located at the Lisboa Airport which is just 15 minutes outside of the city center. From the airport you can reach the city center using a number of methods. Lisboa Airport is serviced by bus, rail as well as taxis.

Getting around Lisbon

Getting around Lisbon is supremely easy as the city has wide-ranging public transportation options.

The old tram system is not quite extensive as it used to be, today it is more of a touristic draw, however it can still get you around parts of the sight-seeing areas in the center. The bus and metro services will get you around and outside of the city center and the ferries will get you across the water. Additionaly, the funicular is great for getting up those inclines if you are not in the mood for an urban hike. Taxis are also an option, but for the most part not neccessary so you can save those travel dollars for a delicious Lisbon meal.

Insider Guide

  • Visit Sao Roque church and become entranced in some of the beautiful work inside the chapels. The small spaces inside the church boast gold, ivory and a magical stillness that will leave you refreshed for the rest of your trip.
  • Coaches may be things of the past but even today they hold a romantic allure. One of the largest collections of old coaches belonging to royalty is housed in the city. Visit the National Coach Museum for a little taste of fancy old glory.
  • Visit the Castle of Sao Jorge, which is a piece of 12th century history.It is located in the Alfama quarter and is a must-see site as it is hard to believe such a structure could have been built without the aid of modern machinery.
  • Compare flights to Lisbon from Australia on

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Cheap Flights to Lisbon (LIS)

Historical prices for Lisbon flights.

Departure Airline Prices
New York Aer Lingus $712
Newark American Airlines $831
San Francisco Air Canada $801
Miami Air France $675
Paris Aigle Azur $120
Boston Air France $801
London Easyjet $90
Madrid Iberia $81
Bali KLM Royal Dutch Airlines $1601
Lourdes Tarbes Air France $1896
London Heathrow Iberia $217
Belgrade Air France $2183
Marseille KLM Royal Dutch Airlines $259
Brussels Iberia $385
Paris CDG Easyjet $166
Jakarta Turkish Airlines $1780
Frankfurt Iberia $572
Hong Kong British Airways $11522
Phuket Lufthansa $1320
Istanbul Iberia $515
Los Angeles TAP Air Portugal $1558
Leeds Bradford KLM Royal Dutch Airlines $398
Rome Easyjet $343
Singapore Lufthansa $1677

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