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Langkawi Flights & Travel Guide

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Why fly to Langkawi?

Langkawi is a magical place with bonsai trees sitting on trunks that look like they should house would nymphs.

The waters are a pale green and the beaches go for miles and all of that surrounds some of the most lush forest you will ever see. Langkawi is an archipelago of 108 islands that sits off the coast of the northwest part of Malaysia in the Adaman Sea. It formally belongs to Malaysia's Kedah state.

The clean waters are popular with divers and jet-skiers alike. The gorgeous green mountainside is meant to be explored or you can also do it the easy way and take the cable car up for some incredibly stunning views.

It gets even better than stunning views when you get to the top of Gunung Machinchang. As the top of the mountain has an incredible skybridge that you can walk across. If heights aren't your thing than you might want to refrain but otherwise it is quite magical and makes you feel as you are virtually floating above the trees, it's a little bit of a bird perspective.

A nice way to experience the waters around Langkawi and enjoy a perfect sunset is a dinner cruise. There are a number of cruises but if you're traveling with a large party you can virtually have one to yourself. The cook will fire up delicious delicacies and often times there is an open bar for you to enjoy.

Langkawi is home to three geoparks and has been recognized by UNESCO. These three parks are some of the most popular places to visit in Malaysia and region, boasting rivers and all sorts of wildlife.

The city has wonderful restaurants and a great nightlife. One of the most popular places to head as the sun begins to set is the Pentai Cenang beach area. Here you will find beachside restaurants, bars, coconut drinks and live music for a wonderful night on the town.

And if you're lucky you will head back to your room set on water stilts in the middle of the acqua-green perfection of the Langkawi waterside as the moon shines down over this tropical paradise.

Langkawi Weather

Temperatures in Langkawi are fairly hot throughout the year. The springs begin in the low 20s and with summers temperatures in the mid-30s also arrive. The fall is the beginning of rainy season and this is when temperatures cool slight,. The winter numbers drop down into the mid 20s. Although the city receives the most amount of rain in the fall months, the spring and summer months also receive somewhat of a a drizzle.

When to fly to Langkawi

Peak Season

The late spring and summer months are a popular time to visit the island of Langkawi as this is when the rain is light and the days long and full of sunshine. Due to the increased traffic to Langkawi in the summer months, flight ticket prices are on the high end of the spectrum from June to August.

Off Season

September through to November is not a particularly popular time to visit Langkawi due to the heavy rain which, also means flight ticket prices decline. The fall months as well as February and March are good times to snap up some flight deals and perhaps do some conventional things during your island vacation (maybe a little dancing in the rain).

Getting into Langkawi

Your gateway to Langkawi opens up in Padang Matsirat at Langkawi International Airport, which sits close to a half-hour drive from the town center. Check with your hotel to determine whether they have special shuttle arrangements from the airport or you can also find private shuttle companies running services outside of the terminal. Your other option is to hire a taxi or limo. Alternatively, you can grab a rental car.

Getting around Langkawi

Your options to move around the island will depend on where you are staying. Some hotels offer complimentary shuttles to guests to get them to popular area spots. Your other option is to use taxi service or rent a car. Additionally, if you sign up for an excursion they will be responsible for taking care of your transportation.

Insider Guide

  • Visit the Al-Hana Mosque for a look at a fairly unique Moorish construction. The mosque is located in Kuah and is the largest on the island. Remember to take along some sort of scarf to cover parts they don't want you to show.
  • Head to the Langkawi Bird Paradise and Wildlife Park, here you will find close to 200 species of bird living in tropical garden-like surroundings. Here's your chance to see a real toucan up close.
  • If you are traveling with children they will enjoy the massive indoor aquarium that houses anything from stingrays to turtles in huge tanks. There are hundreds of different species and they're divided into various regions such as Antartic or Rainforest. This is a good place to go on a rainy day.
  • If you want to check out the kind of gifts politicians give and receive, head to the Galleria Perdana. The museum houses what will feel like an almost voyeuristic exhibit of gifts that were presented to the country's former prime minister. You can check out which global leaders are the best gifters.
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Cheap Flights to Langkawi (LGK)

Historical prices for Langkawi flights.

Departure Airline Prices
Singapore Malaysia Airlines $205
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Airlines $248
London Heathrow KLM Royal Dutch Airlines $1287
London Malaysia Airlines $1023
Manchester KLM Royal Dutch Airlines $896
Teesside KLM Royal Dutch Airlines $1301
Newcastle KLM Royal Dutch Airlines $1064
Penang Malaysia Airlines $172
East Midlands (Derby) Malaysia Airlines $6851
Hong Kong Malaysia Airlines $3759

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