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Why fly to Kuching?

From beaches to golfing and crocodiles to dolphins, Kuching is a city that has a whole lot to offer. The city sits on the island of Borneo in the stater of Sarawak and is horizontally split by the Sarawak River.

The city itself is fairly new and was established in the latter half of the 19th century and naturally that is evident in the city architecture. Several historic sites remain like Fort Margherita as well as the Astana where members of the old English ruling family lived.

A number of temples and mosques dot Kuching, reflecting the diversity of the people who live in the city. Citizens have roots originating in China and India among several other countries.

There are a number of national parks near the city like Kuching Wetlands National Park. You can take a boat tour and may spot the rare and notoriously shy Irriwaddy dolphin as well as a host of other creatures like crocodiles and long-tailed

macaques or proboscis monkeys.

For less adventure and more relaxation you can head to one of the area resorts and spend your vacation time on the beaches of Borneo working on your tan or swimming in the beautiful blue.

Kuching has a number of museums that help to explain the history of the city like the Sarawak Textile Museum, the Sarawak Museum as well as the Sarawak Islamic Museum among others. One of the smaller museums is the Chinese Museum helps to provides an understanding of the history of the Chinese community in Sarawak. This museum may be little but the information is thorough and a guide is available to help you through and point out some of the significant items. It is located near the waterfront and can be included as part of your itinerary but doesn't require a ton of time.

For shopping head to the Main Bazaar, which sits in old Kuching. The bazaar is made up of a stew of veritable oddities. You can find antiques and crafts or produce or just about anything on this street.

A wonderful way to cap your day is with dinner at the waterfront. The walking, biking strip is lined with restaurants and bars so you feel the light breeze and hear the water rolling as you tuck into a little treat for the night.

Kuching has a little bit of everything to offer from a wild forest adventure to a beach vacation, it is whatever you want it to be with a dash of exotic mystery.

Kuching Weather

Kuching is a hot and wet city. Temperatures in the summer sit in the low 30s for most of the day and then drop down into the low 20s in the evenings. The city is short on sunlight and long on rain with close to two-thirds of the year spent in wet conditions.

When to fly to Kuching

Peak Season

The spring is a popular time to visit the city as that is when the rainfall reduces somewhat. There is still plenty of rain during the spring months but it is far less than what other months experience, and this also means flight tickets are priced higher at this time than the rest of the year.

Off Season

The winter months bring extreme rainfall and that also means visitors tend to stay away. The low tourist numbers result in low flight fares, so if you enjoy rainy weather this would be the perfect time to go while saving a few bucks.

Getting into Kuching

Your gateway into the city sits at Kuching International Airport, the airport is located approximately 10 minutes south of the city. From the airport you can use the bus or minibus service. Taxis are also available outside the terminal.

Getting around Kuching

You have a few options when it comes to getting around Kuching. You can use the city's public transport buses. The minibuses are a less expensive option for traveling but be warned that there can be frequent stops. Additionally, you can use the traditional taxi service.

Insider Guide

  • Visit the Sarawak Cultural Village to understand the complex make up of the city and state. The village has homes that would have belonged to the various communities that lived in old Sarawak and that means the the styles were different as the people of Sarawak originate from several surrounding countries. There are also demonstrations of crafts and weaponry for you to take in. The highlight for many visitors is the cultural dance show which brings you into the very unique culture.
  • For a truly heart-warming experience visit the Matang Wildlife Center. This center was designed to help orangutans that may have been hurt or abandoned in the wild. The sanctuary helps them get back on their feet and provides a safe place to live and food until they are strong enough to be reintegrated into society. The sanctuary is situated approximately 45 minutes outside of the city.
  • For a day at the beach if you're not already staying at one of the resorts, head to Damai. Damai sits approximately half an hour outside of the city center and it is here that you will find fantastic beaches and lovely water for swimming.
  • The Orchid Garden provides a burst of vivacious colors for your eyes to savor. There are many hybrid species to take in and examine, additionally there is a cafe on site, which gives you a chance to sit back and take in the tranquility. Take a sampan from the waterfront and you will be there in minutes.
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Cheap Flights to Kuching (KCH)

Historical prices for Kuching flights.

Departure Airline Prices
Singapore Malaysia Airlines $72
Bangkok China Southern Airlines $620
London Etihad Airways $1069
Manila Malaysia Airlines $659
Kota Kinabalu Malaysia Airlines $268

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