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Why fly to Kiev?

A morning of sun pinging off golden churches is as much of an allure as the sweet Ukrainian apple pies you will enjoy as you end your evening. Kiev is slit down the middle by the Dnipro River and on the east bank is the birthplace of the city's Orange Revolution, Independence Square.

The city boasts baubles of history all over the place. Independence Square will bring into focus some of it with its rich architecture. Two major sights on your jaunt from Independence Square will be St. Sophia's Cathedral and St. Michael's.

Ukrainian cuisine is more than perogies and sour cream for those that have tried the delicious potato dumplings in one place or another. So taste your way through Kiev with a breakfast of Nalysnyky with a douse of cottage cheese, which is a tasty Ukrainian melt-in-your-mouth pancake. For lunch go supremely traditional and enjoy hearty, meaty succulent Ukrainian borscht.

You'll find that pig fat plays a big part in Ukrainian dishes (no complaints here), if you want some of your own to cook with, head to Bessarabska Square's market, additionally have some lunch and just wander the place for its atmosphere.

For a little sun worshipping and bathing on the beaches of Kiev, visit Hydropark, the name doesn't do the place justice, for it is a wonderful afternoon spent on the river.

If you are looking for a slightly overshare history experience head to the Monastery of the Caves. The candlelit passageways linking underground churches are quite extraordinary, however beware the glass coffins that display some ancient body parts. If you are travelling with children, it may be a little too much for them.

Kiev has a little bit of everything, there are notes of Moscow and touches of Budapest but Ukraine is definitely its own shiny drop in the expanse of east meets west.

Kiev Weather

Kiev is a cold weather city with the winter months running for six months. Temperatures in the cold months fall below zero and it is snowy. Summer does exist and temperatures hit a nice balmy 20 degrees through the June to August period.

When to fly to Kiev

Peak season

Summer is the most time to visit Kiev when the city comes alive with warmth and green after the long winer. The summer months will be the most expensive time to book a flight to Kiev.

Off season

The winter months are very cold and in turn keep holidayers away, which means the best time to get a good flight price for Kiev is through the chilly winter months. However, do remember the city looks brilliant bathed in snow, and you can focus your time on the many indoor venues.

Getting into Kiev

Your gateway into the gold-domed city is Boryspil International Airport, which sits just over a half hour travel distance outside of the city center. Once you have all your belongings head outdoors and grab one of the three transportation options available. You can catch the public bus which connects to the rail station, but stops at the metro station along the way. Shuttle service from the airport to several destinations is also available and a taxi stand is located outside of the terminal.

Getting around Kiev

Moving around the city is a bit of an adventure as the street signs are in Cyrillic, on the plus side is you'll be surprised how quickly you start recognizing a whole new alphabet. Kiev has a few options for getting around the city. The bus service is well run and the funicular and trolley services are limited but will get you around the center parts as well as some elevations.

Insider Guide

  • Take an afternoon jaunt through the city's parks, Mariinsky Park links to Vichnoi Slavy Park and both sit east of the river. Here you will find lovely flaura with the perimeter flanked by an 18th century place and parliament.
  • Dress up your pancake Ukrainian style. The pancake culture in the city is reason to give your regimen a vacation too. You can load your pancakes with just about anything, from caviar to pumpkin. Head to Scevchenka Park a little P and P, park and pancakes of course!
  • The city is known for its gold-domed churches and they are beautiful on the outside. But if you are lucky enough to be in the city on a Sunday. Take in a service at one of the many churches and you will note the distinctly Ukrainian interiors as well as the unique incense-fused chambers that add a certain mystique.
  • Head to Khreschatyk St. for a little Kiev boutique shopping. You can find Ukrainian designers as well as some international brands. There are also many restaurants interspersed, you should have Chicken Kiev at least once in Kiev, the restaurants on this street dish up some of the best.
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Cheap Flights to Kiev (KBP)

Historical prices for Kiev flights.

Departure Airline Prices
Miami Alitalia $559
Tokyo Aeroflot $1245
Salt Lake City Air France $866
Atlanta Air Canada $782
Barcelona Air France $349
New York Aeroflot $659
Kuala Lumpur Aeroflot $912
Bangkok Air France $1027
Berlin Aeroflot $186
Hamburg Aerosvit Airlines $251
Paris Air France $235
San Diego Air Canada $751
Mumbai Air France $602
Frankfurt Alitalia $169
Buenos Aires Air France $1269
Boston Air France $787
Chicago British Airways $848
Detroit Metro Delta $1026
Rome Air France $281
New York JFK Aeroflot $547
Seattle Delta $788
Hyderabad Lufthansa $726
Brussels Alitalia $175
Baltimore Delta $964
Honolulu Delta $1538

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