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Hyderabad Flights & Travel Guide

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Why fly to Hyderabad?

The city is swathed in elegant mystery as the country's diamond and pearl trading hub. Hyderabad is the capital of Andhra Pradesh in India's south and is a magnificent city full of things to explore.

Hyderabad was founded in the 16th century and fought over by several religious empires over the course of its history. This changing narrative has led to an interesting mix of buildings in the city as each ruler attempted to make its own mark on the city.

Start out at the Charminar which has become an iconic representation of Hyderabad. The mosque was built to honour the wife of a prominent sultan in the 16th century. The 160-foot structure is located on the Musi River and provides visitors a chance to see ancient craftsmanship that blends Persian and Hindu influences. Next head to the Golconda fort and the Makkah Masjid nearby.

Visit the famous Hussain Sugar Lake for a retreat from the buzzing city for a little sensory relaxation. The lake area has many traditional dining opportunities so for a little spicy dosa pull up a chair and ask your friendly waiter to spice it up if you so dare.

Hyderabad Weather

Hyderabad has a tropical weather lean. December and January is often the most comfortable time for people to visit with temperatures between 15 and 20 degrees. After that the numbers start rising with February and March in the high 20s and by May it is not only a scorching 40 degree average but also humid with the monsoon season approaching. Heavy rains last into September after which all the weather begins to calm down for winter.

When to fly to Hyderabad

Peak Seasons

Winter months are particularly popular times to fly to Hyderabad because this is when the temperatures are most comfortable for sightseeing and this is also when flight rates are at their highest.

Off Season

Once the temperatures climb the flight rates drop. February and March are perfect for traveling to the city since the temperatures are not in their extremes and flight tickets are at a reasonable price.

Getting into Hyderabad

You will land in the busy Rajiv Gandhi Airport where you can sit down for a quick samosa snack before you head out into the city. The airport is just 10 minutes outside of the city proper and grabbing a taxi or the airport shuttle is the most efficient way to get there after a long flight.

Getting around Hyderabad

If you are within the city center walking is sufficient and the taxi cabs are fairly inexpensive if you've done a lot of shopping and don't want to haul it in the heat. You can also do it like the locals and use the rickshaw service or the minibus if you don't mind a little tour through various parts of the city before you reach your destination. If you are heading outside of the city the light rail is a good option as well as public bus service. Just note that hiring a private car and driver is also fairly inexpensive and much more convenient if you are traveling with your family.

Insider Guide

  • Head to the Kalanjali neighborhood in the city and get ready for an afternoon of sitting on comfortable cushions, sipping on tea and being shown traditional outfits in colors that could almost outdo a rainbow.
  • Follow up your purchase of a traditional outfit with a visit to Laad Bazaar where you can find unique bangles to complete your outfit. Bangles also make a great gift and can be fairly inexpensive to buy.
  • Visit Nehru Zoological Park for a chance to see some 100 species and then head to the flora version at the city's botanical gardens.
  • Hyderabad's legendary status as the city of the pearl exists today. You can find delicately-harvested pearls at some of the city's finer shops. Just be careful where you go so you aren't leaving with a fake.
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Cheap Flights to Hyderabad (HYD)

Historical prices for Hyderabad flights.

Departure Airline Prices
New York Air India $931
Frankfurt Air India $522
Chicago Air India $920
Kansas City Multiple Airlines $919
San Francisco American Airlines $1017
Columbus Multiple Airlines $868
Houston British Airways $1074
Paris Air India $881
Buenos Aires Multiple Airlines $2513
Tokyo Multiple Airlines $1268
New Orleans American Airlines $956
Detroit Multiple Airlines $856
Seattle American Airlines $1027
Vancouver Continental $1175
St. Louis Multiple Airlines $940
Rome Emirates $706
Berlin British Airways $693
Mumbai Air India IC $75
Newark American Airlines $790
Los Angeles American Airlines $1070
Pittsburgh American Airlines $938
Shanghai Emirates $1667
London Air India $484
Dubai Air India $208
Brussels Etihad Airways $687

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