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Hamburg Flights & Travel Guide

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Why fly to Hamburg?

It has been called the gateway to the world. Hamburg is one of Germany's most eclectic cities and a lot of that may have to do with its giant port. The Port of Hamburg is a buzzing place with more than 10,000 ships calling on the port every year. Visit the famous Hamburg Fish Market located in Altona and walk into a microcosm of the world where you can buy just about anything from fish to art. You can also take a tour of a barge or visit one of the ship museums.

Hamburg is a bubbling hum of music and theater and is in the leagues of London and New York. One of the most famous recognized is the The Thalia Theatre which stages both classics and modern work and has been awarded many times for performance and direction excellence. One of the greatest cultural achievements in the city has been the thriving Theatre fur Kinder. This theater provides premier plays, musical theater and even opera targeted at a young audience.

Some of Germany's finest museums live in Hamburg. The Kunsthalle is one of the best and will give you cultural shots of Picasso and Klee. Expect on spending at least an afternoon there and there is a great cafe that will re-energize in between your cultural jaunts of the amazing exhibits.

Take a tour of the city's five big churches including St.Michaelis which has an incredible panoramic view of the city and offers guided tours of a place that has built and destroyed and rebuilt several times over the course of its 350-year history. The other churches are St. Katharinen, St. Jacobi, St. Nikolai and St. Petri.

Altona is where you want to be for great food, bars and clubs. This area sits on the Elbe River, it is loud, electric and quite multicultural. Try some local dishes like green beans cooked up with pears and bacon or Labskaus, which is made up of corned beef, beetroot and mashed potatoes. Now, if you are looking for the original Hamburger in Hamburg, your best best is the Frikadelle, which is a patty made up of ground beef, soaked bread, egg and onion which is then fried and usually not served on a bun, but surely you could ask for one.

Hamburg is a city you could easily spend two weeks in and experience a new adventure everyday. From music and museums to the funky worldly life that waves and pours in and out of the port, Hamburg is a true destination city.

Hamburg Weather

The city has balmy summers and chilly winters. The super summer months of July and August are host to lovely temperatures in the low 20s. The winter numbers go all the way down past zero and go into the minus tens in December through to February. Rainfall is at its heaviest in the summer months so the warmth plus the moisture mean some frizzy hair humidity.

When to fly to Hamburg

Peak season

Despite it being the bad-hair-day season, the summer months are the most popular time to travel to Hamburg. If you want to book a flight in the summer expect to pay premium in July and August.

Off season

The cooler months are a less popular time to travel to Hamburg, however as it is a financial center flight rates can still be somewhat pricey in the autumn. The first three months of the year are a good time to find some flight rates and visit all of the indoor attractions without having to beat through the crowds.

Getting into Hamburg

Your gateway into Hamburg will have you landing at Fuhlsbuttel Airport which is about 20 minutes outside of the city. From the airport you can take the speedy S-Bahn rail, which is located just outside the terminal, into downtown and avoid the traffic. Buses and shuttles are also available. The pricier option are the taxis, which you can grab outside of the airport terminal.

Getting around Hamburg

Hamburg is a great city to travel by public transportation as its trains run extensively within the city and can also get you outside of the city center. The bus service runs like clockwork and you can travel the waters on the ferry system. Taxis are also available to get you around on those shopping afternoons.

Insider Guide

  • Visit Blankenese, a former village village located just a 45-minute ferry ride, makes for a perfect day trip. The picturesque village feels rather Mediterranean with its perfect little white homes covered in orange tops and packed close together on an incline.
  • Hafencity has been deemed Europe's largest construction project. It is a city planned on the water and with that has a true port city feel. The project plan includes both office and residential spaces while incorporating green spaces and arts and culture. Although Hafencity is not complete it is already buzzing with cafes and restaurants. You can visit Miniatur World and take a tour of the Elbphilharmonie and enjoy a museum tour followed by dinner at the Speicherstadt.
  • Take a tour of the Hosten brewery located in Altona. Hamburg has a strong brewing history and with that, breweries dot the city with Hosten being one of the most famous. You can learns about the whole brewing process and sample some of the fare.
  • The Hansa Variete Theater is a unique venue that pairs vaudeville and culinary adventures. Enjoy a lovely meal while watching amazing acrobatics, clowns and musicians. Book yourself an evening there for a truly unique experience.
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Cheap Flights to Hamburg (HAM)

Historical prices for Hamburg flights.

Departure Airline Prices
New York JFK Air France $531
Miami Air France $908
Dublin Aer Lingus $200
Hyderabad Emirates $684
Phoenix Air France $545
Las Vegas Air France $691
London British Midland $168
Bangkok Finnair $1406
Stockholm Arlanda KLM Royal Dutch Airlines $607
Kuala Lumpur KLM Royal Dutch Airlines $1809

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