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Why fly to Dubai?

If you can imagine it, someone in Dubai has likely created it. If you want to ski in the desert, you can do it in Dubai. If you want to pay a quick game on a rooftop golf course you can do it in Dubai. And if you want to spend the night in an underwater hotel room, you can also do that in Dubai.

Dubai is the capital of the emirate of Dubai, which is one of seven emirates that make up the country of the United Arab Emirates. The city has the largest population in the UAE and has become a playground for the super wealthy.

This desert city is a dream maker's playground with some of the most fantastic things a mind can imagine becoming a reality. Take for example the man-made islands that have been developed off the coast of the city. Each of these islands represents a country in the world and the world's elite have already snapped up some of the most desired countries.

However, Dubai is not just for the super rich but rather has become a vacation destination for people around the world who want to enjoy the hot weather on the water, maybe go jet-skiing or para-sailing or just sun on the beach.

After all of the sunning is complete the Dubai malls are a destination of their own. There are numerous malls that carry Western brand names as well as luxury designer labels. The opulence of the shopping centers is legendary and all of it true. If you're in the market for bars of gold or just want to take a picture in a mall that looks like it is plastered in gold the Dubai shopping centers do not disappoint.

On the flip side, the malls are also where you can head to get some Western fare if all of the Dubai spice has you in the mood for a burger.

Dubai Weather

Dubai is very hot year round with temperatures averaging in the mid to high 30s. However in the hottest periods and especially in summer afternoons the numbers hit flaming levels at close to 50 degrees. The weather highly affects city life and you will notice businesses close and reopen in the evenings.

If you're looking for some evening respite there is some with numbers cooling to the low 20s in the summer and the high teens in the winter months. Due to Dubai's desert location there isn't much rainfall.

When to fly to Dubai

Peak season

Holidayers tend to head to Dubai in the fall and winter months when temperatures are somewhat cooler. December is a popular time to head to the city and in turn flight prices are fairly high at this time.

Off season

The summer heat keeps vacationers out of the city, which also means there are great flight deals to be had from June through August. The city has many indoor activities as a result of the scorching temperatures including indoor skiing so travelling to the city during the summer won't make much of a difference if you spend your time in the indoor world of shopping, theme parks and ultimate luxury.

Getting into Dubai

The city's Dubai International Airport is located in the city center.

Your hotel will arrange a car to pick you up or you can take a taxi from

the airport, these vehicles do not have meters so tread at your own


Getting around Dubai

Metered taxis are available throughout the city and usually the best way to get around beyond having a personal car and driver. The city does have buses but these aren't generally used by tourists. Water taxis are also available.

Insider Guide

  • For a truly magical adventure head to the dunes. There are a number of tour operators that will take you out on a jeep and let you go sand surfing. Beyond the fun of tumbling down soft sand in the desert is the absolutely stunning landscape you will see but will not be able to believe.
  • The Mall of Arabia is not just a shopping mall, it is an experience. Head there for a theatre performance, maybe an afternoon of bowling, take in a movie and do some international shopping. If the desert heat requires a full day of indoor rejuvenation head to the Dubai Mall, which in actuality is not just a mall but a giant entertainment complex that includes an amusement park and a huge aquarium.
  • The Jumeirah Mosque is open to the public and will give you a chance to understand the culture through a guided tour, as well as appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship inside the beautifully-designed place of worship.
  • Although Dubai is oozing money and celebrity chefs serve up rich plates of delicacies there is also cheap street food that is fantastically delicious. Due to the city's large immigrant population who have built the new shiny Dubai, there are numerous restaurants with the delicious cuisines of India and the the Levant. Head to Al Dhiyafah Road for a taste explosion that rivals the fancy dishes served to the elite.
  • To truly see Dubai in all it's splendor make your way to the Skyview bar at the Burj al Arab and tuck into a cocktail as you watch the city sparkle.
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Cheap Flights to Dubai (DXB)

Historical prices for Dubai flights.

Departure Airline Prices
Chicago Air France $827
Dallas Fort Worth Air Canada $871
Newark Air France $971
Kuala Lumpur Emirates $633
Rome Air France $384
Salt Lake City Delta $813
Tokyo Aeroflot $901
Hyderabad Air India $310
Cairo Egypt Air $330
Charlotte Air France $856
Las Vegas Air France $1081
Bangkok Air India $557
Vancouver Air China $1294
Moscow Aeroflot $407
Delhi Air India $327
Amsterdam Aeroflot $465
Los Angeles Aeroflot $970
Albuquerque Continental $825
Bangalore Emirates $275
Kansas City Air France $1006
Mumbai Air India $238
Washington Dulles Delta $852
New York JFK Aeroflot $602
Frankfurt Air France $493
Barcelona Air France $654

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