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Why fly to Delhi?

Delhi is a city of colours, noise and exotic spices, mixed with ancient architecture and stories.

The metropolitan Delhi is also home to the state capital New Delhi. Delhi has played a significant role in India's history for more than 2000 years and has been the capital of empires and kingdoms from the Mahabaratha to the Mogul Empire.

The city is loaded with more than 1000 heritage sites to see. The Red Fort, Humayun's Tomb and Qutub Minar have all been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The India Gate is a Delhi icon and welcomes visitors into the city while the Purana Qila is a fortress that was designed to keep 'visitors' out. Numerous religions are represented in the city and as a result there are shrines to all of them. For example the Bahai faith's Lotus Temple is located in Delhi and has won numerous architectural awards, for the average person it is just a stunning piece of work to see.

The city's cuisine is legendary and its dishes have become popular throughout the world. Popular items that you've likely heard of include butter chicken, tandoori and kebabs. Other dishes include parantha, which is like a thick crepe that can be stuffed with potatoes or radish and spices and is cooked on a hot tandoor with butter.

The area of Chandni Chowk is known for shopping as well as for its street food. Visit the area for the best in paranthas, samosas and tandoori chicken. You can enjoy a full meal full of delicious flavor while mingling with locals and getting insider tips on where to go next.

Delhi Weather

Spring and summer in Delhi are extremely hot with average temperatures in the the high 30s. May and June are the hottest months and 40 plus weather is not uncommon. The monsoons hit in June so you can add humidity to the mix during that period. The winters are cool comparatively but still very warm with temperatures on average in the mid teens. Rainfall is heavy from June through to September.

When to fly to Delhi

Peak season

The city is in full tourism mode after the sizzling summer months so September onwards flight tickets tend to be fairly high with December being the highest. Early spring is also in the city as the weather is fairly nice.

Off season:

The hot, hot, hot of a Delhi summer keeps people out of the city and that means there are flight deals to be had. If you can stand the heat or love the heat than this is a great time to travel for you. Additionally, you can also combine your Delhi trip with a getaway into the mountains for a little cool down, plus you're getting double your flight ticket value.

Getting into Delhi

Your flight will land at the Indira Gandhi International Airport which is located in the metro city's south. From the airport you can use the city's metro line or bus service to get into the city via public transportation. Airport taxi cabs can be picked up outside the terminals.

Getting around Delhi

Delhi has several options for travel within the city. The rapid transit is fairly extensive and get you around the city center as well as to the outlying regions. Public bus transport is also an option and you will see locals using rickshaws but that is best for a quick trip if you are so inclined. Alternatively you can hire a car and driver to take you all over the city, which makes good sense if you are travelling with children.

Insider Guide

  • You must try Indian tea, there is nothing in the world like it. The tea is lovingly cooked with milk and spices including cardamom, cinnamon and aniseed and enjoyed while super hot.
  • Visit the Delhi Golf Club for some golfing and a little getaway from the city. The course is a bit a green oasis in the busy city and also houses a bird sanctuary.
  • The Jama Masjid is the largest mosque in India and quite stunning. It's architecture varies somewhat from what you would find in mosques in the Middle East with a little more Indian touch.
  • Head to the parliament buildings where you will find examples of English colonial architecture left from the days of British rule.
  • Compare flights to Delhi from Australia on

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Cheap Flights to Delhi (DEL)

Historical prices for Delhi flights.

Departure Airline Prices
San Francisco American Airlines $914
Seattle Air France $1010
New York Aeroflot $703
Barcelona Air France $596
Frankfurt Aeroflot $509
Raleigh Durham American Airlines $948
Rio De Janeiro Air France $1459
Chicago Air France $944
Berlin Aeroflot $615
Perth Cathay Pacific $1056
Washington Dulles American Airlines $923
Newark Air India $906
Atlanta Air France $881
Brussels British Airways $643
Buenos Aires American Airlines $1476
Tokyo Air China $930
Bangkok Air India $288
Paris Aeroflot $458
Amsterdam Air France $640
Dallas Fort Worth American Airlines $1001
Dublin Air France $563
Rome Aeroflot $645
Seoul Air India $694
Dubai Air India $248
London Aeroflot $780

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