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Cork Flights & Travel Guide

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Why fly to Cork?

It's always been a rebel of a city as history relays, but at first blush it is perfectly quaint with lovely, crisp buildings and usually sits bathed in a little bit of a fog.

The city is located in the southwestern province of Munster on the River Lee. Cork City has an interesting layout as the river runs right through it, divides in two and then reconnects again, thereby creating an island.

The best way to enjoy the river is being on it. You can take a kayaking trip and also get one of the best views of the Cork coastline. Night tours of the river also provide a whole new foggy, mystic perspective.

The city has numerous arts and galleries as well as old churches and cathedrals. The old architecture rings of medieval romance and the interiors take you back hundreds of years.

The city is hopping with students and in turn there is great nightlife for both the studious and not studious-anymore. For great pubs, some with live music, as well as great clubs head to the island in the city center. If you mosey your way Along Patrick Street or a few of the surrounding streets you will find yourself in pub and club central.

One of the things Cork Harbor has become synonymous with is the Titanic. The harbor was the last port of call for the doomed ship. Today you can find a center dedicated to the Titanic in the heart of the little town named Cogh that sits there and a Titanic walking trail winds through. Additionally, the town itself is picturesque and filled with lovely shops and restaurants. You can take a ferry to get across and spend an afternoon learning and wandering.

Cork is a misty quaint city, that is easy to get romantic about. It's lovely old age and welcoming atmosphere will make you fall in love with foggy days.

Cork Weather

Temperatures in Cork tend to be mild, which is a good thing as there is plenty of rain thrown into the mix. Numbers in the summer tend to average in the mid to high teens while in the winter they drop to the mid 10s. The city gets a sprinkling of snow, but it usually isn't around long enough to make snowmen and forts.

When to fly to Cork

Peak Season

Summer is a popular time to visit the city as the temperatures are balmy and there are a greater number of hours in which the sun joins the party. The increase in tourism in the summer means higher flight ticket prices.

Off Season

The cold rainy season is a deterrent for many travelers and as a result tourist numbers decline. October and November are great times to score flight tickets into the city. The first three months will also garner you some great deals

Getting into Cork

Your gateway into Cork opens up at Cork Airport, which is located 10 minutes outside of the city. From the airport you have quite a few choices for getting into the city center. You can use the public buses or private coaches. There is a rail service that will quickly get you into the city center. Alternatively, taxis are located outside of the terminal.

Getting around Cork

Getting around Cork is very easy as the center core is quite walkable. However if it is wheels you are after there are plenty of options. You can use the integrated bus service which will get you around the city and into the outskirts if you so choose. Cork also has tram service that provides service in the city center and ferry service. The city also has a ferry service. Additionally, taxi service is available.

Insider Guide

  • One of the most fun and educational experiences you can have in Cork begins with a visit to Fota Wildlife Park. Here you can literally come face to face with some of the most exotic and beautiful animals you will ever see, which especially goes over well with kids. The park is home to giraffes, kangaroos and lion-tailed macaques to name just a few. Most animals wander the park and are quite used to mingling with humans.
  • For a great time head to the English Market where you will find everything from produce and lovely handmade goods to some great restaurants outlining the area.
  • Take a weekend bike trip on the Sheep's Head Peninsula. Your path will have you riding along the coast. You will have an amazing view of hills and cliffs as well as the gorgeous sea.
  • For a chance to see dolphins in their natural habitat head to Dursey Sound. They are often feeling playful and will delight if you are patient. You can also take the cable car to Dursey Island for an afternoon of exploring what remains of old castles.
  • For a unique lens through which to look back in time, head to Cork City Gaol. It is a 19th century prison that now provides historical tours of what life was like behind these walls all those years ago. The cells are furnished and several exhibitions take you into the sounds and sights of the workings of the prison.
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Cheap Flights to Cork (ORK)

Historical prices for Cork flights.

Departure Airline Prices
Los Angeles KLM Royal Dutch $794
Portland KLM Royal Dutch $903
Sydney British Airways $2265
London Ryanair $55
Madrid British Airways $552
Milan British Airways $490
Vienna KLM Royal Dutch Airlines $610
Toronto Pearson Intl KLM Royal Dutch Airlines $1060
Prague KLM Royal Dutch Airlines $665
Birmingham Aer Lingus $238

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