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Christchurch Flights & Travel Guide

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Why fly to Christchurch?

This little city far down under has some of the most stunning views you will ever see in the world. Christchurch is located on the eastern shore of New Zealand's South Island. This Pacific coast city plays perfect host the adventure-seekers of the world. From bungee-jumping to skiing, snowboarding, surfing and hiking or take a tour of the city aboard a Segway.

For a fantastic way to start your trip board the Christchurch Gondola and head up the Port Hills to the Crater Rim. The Port Hills are the remnants of an ancient volcano that collapsed millions of years ago. Your journey up the hills will provide an uninterrupted 360 view of incredible Canterbury, the province in which Christ Church sits. The Canterbury area has 10 ski areas, which means there are plenty of options regardless of your skill level and whether you're looking to ski or board.

Back on land, begin your trip at Cathedral Square, which is where the 19th century Christchurch Cathedral stands, which was damaged in the 2010 earthquake and those that followed. The church was to be demolished, but growing opposition halted demolition and the church may now be given a second life.

The city is home to several cultural institutions including the Canterbury Museum, Royal New Zealand Air Force Museum as well as the Christchurch Art Gallery.

However, it is the outdoors that brings in the visitors, whether it is a trip to Willowbank Wildlife Reserve, a day trip fishing, hiking or mountain biking, the city is surrounded by oodles of natural beauty. Often called the Garden City and for good reason, take a stroll through one of the numerous parks or head to the city's famed Botanical Gardens for a morning. If you decide to rent a car, take a drive up the coast for some amazing sea views.

Sure, New Zealand is famously known for kiwis but there are a few other local favorites that you will not find anywhere outside of the country. Hokey Pokey ice cream is a national favorite and it should be as it is delicate vanilla-touch ice cream bedazzled with balls of toffee. On the other side of the coin is whitebait fritters, which are essentially eggs bedazzled with a worm-looking fish called whitefish. Although the worm comparison may not sound so appetizing, whitebait is actually is a delicacy and will cost you a pretty penny if you were to purchase by the pound.

A trip to Christchurch promises to be an adventure regardless of what you do. So get ready to be surprised and get ready to enjoy yourself in one of the most beautiful landscapes on earth.

Christchurch Weather

Christchurch weather is mild for the most part with summer temperatures in the low 20s and winter temperatures in the day hover around the 5 degree mark. The night numbers drop into the minuses and the city is sprinkled with snow a few times in the winter. Rain is fairly spread out through the year. One thing you should watch out for is The Nor'wester, which is a particularly strong wind unique to the South Island. This wind does reach storm proportions at times, and can occur at anytime throughout the year.

When to fly to Christchurch

When to Fly

Peak Season

Most travelers tend to head to Christchurch in the summer months when the weather allows for outdoor exploration, which means flight tickets from December to February can be pricey.

Off Season

The winter months are not a particularly popular time to visit Christchurch due to the cooler temperatures, which means you may be able to find some flight deals from June through to August. The spring months are a good time to find some deals on tickets and take in Christchurch in comfortable weather.

Getting into Christchurch

Your gateway to Christchurch opens up at Christchurch International Airport, which is located just 15 minutes from the city center. From the airport you can hop on a public bus to get into the city center. The airport also provides a shuttle service and taxis are available at a stand outside of the airport.

Getting around Christchurch

Getting around the city may require renting a car depending on how adventurous you plan to get. The city does have public bus service, but service can be limited. A historical tramway network also exists for getting around the city center.

Insider Guide

  • Head to Mt.Hutt for some of the best skiing in all of New Zealand. This ski area has something for everyone from beginner's to those that have been cutting powder for years.
  • A trip to Christchurch can be coupled with a train journey to Kaikoura which is located approximately 1100 kilometers north of the city. This trip is definitely as much about the journey as it is the destination. You will glide along the rugged coast and take in some of the purest views in the world.
  • Take a wine tour in the Waipara Valley. Located just a 45-minute drive outside of the city the wine region is quickly gaining recognition for its boutique wineries. A visit may garner you a one-to-one with the vineyard owner as many of the wineries are family owned and operated.
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Cheap Flights to Christchurch (CHC)

Historical prices for Christchurch flights.

Departure Airline Prices
Kuala Lumpur China Southern Airlines $1933
Frankfurt Air New Zealand $1490
London Air New Zealand $1156
Perth Air New Zealand $523
Vienna Emirates $1709
Los Angeles Air New Zealand $740
Minsk Lufthansa $2509
Brussels British Airways $1983
Phuket Multiple Airlines $1370
Dallas Fort Worth Air New Zealand $1053
Dublin Etihad Airways $1814
Amsterdam Emirates $2047
Bangkok China Southern Airlines $2084
Hamburg Singapore Airlines $9147
Hanoi Vietnam Airlines $1903
Hong Kong Air New Zealand $8288
London Heathrow Emirates $1602
Toronto Pearson Intl Air Canada $1712
Singapore Singapore Airlines $3256

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