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Bordeaux Flights & Travel Guide

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Why fly to Bordeaux?

When you think of Bordeaux you may naturally think of wine glasses a-clinking. The city is synonymous with wine and plays host to the largest wine fair in the world.

Of course a region known for its bold red wine should have some elegant dishes alongside. Some of the favorites include local lamb in a delicate garlic sauce. The wine bounty is handily used in in Bordeaux kitchens, especially for Sauce Bordelaise which is a combination of the wine with a stock of bone marrow and light seasonings.

Try entrecote, a particularly delicious cut of beef, with the Sauce Bordelaise for at least one of your meals. Cassoulet is another dish you will come across on many menus in Bordeaux and you should definitely partake. Cassoulet is made of duck comfit and sausage and what is not to love about that. Additionally, Bordeaux's proximity to La Rochelle and Royan, two cities by the sea, means Atlantic seafood is fresh and found on many local menus.

There are numerous churches, museums and galleries located in the city. Place Royale is a perfect way to get started into your jaunt toward old Bordeaux. The square sits just on the outside of the old city, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is flanked by ornate and historic buildings. It is the perfect place to head to after coffee and something French and buttery, and take a stroll over to what has come to be known as a magic mirror that is always surrounded by mist.

The number of historic buildings are far more than anyone can take in, in a few weeks but some of the most visited include Saint-Andre Cathedral, Basilica of Saint Michael and the Church of the Holy Cross,

One of the most opulent buildings is the Grand Theater and if you can take in a show, you will be taken back to the days when taking in the opera and dressing in your finest was more of a common activity. If you don't book ahead and are unable to find performance tickets you can also take a tour, which will also give you a chance chance to see some of the behind the scenes workings of the opera.

The city is a living museum but also ultra modern, the buildings are in impeccable shape and the residents living there expect this very perfection. You too will become a believer in French living after a wine and cheese afternoon in Bordeaux.

Bordeaux Weather

Temperatures in Bordeaux are mild. For the most part, summers in mild with temperatures in the comfortable mid 20s, however that is not to say that it never gets hot. On some occasions the city has seen the numbers climb into the low 30s. The summer is also the rainiest time in the city. As winter approaches the numbers begin to decline significantly, however they don't often go below the 0 mark. And for travelers taking advantage of low fares in the winter months, the day time temperatures during the sunny afternoons are usually in the mid 10s.

When to fly to Bordeaux

Peak season

Summer is a popular time to visit the city as the summers are warm and perfect for touring the numerous wineries that make up the region. The wine tours coupled with the foodies descending into the city from June to September tend to increase flight ticket prices as seats are booked up fast and months in advance.

Off season

The winter months are fairly cool and aren't quite as pleasant for sitting in outdoor cafes without some layering, an idea which seems to decrease the tourist numbers. This also means it is a good time to score yourself some flight ticket prices and have the city's touristic spots all to your self.

Getting into Bordeaux

Your gateway into Bordeaux opens up at the Bordeaux-Merignac Airport. From the airport you have several options for traveling into the city proper. The Jetbus shuttle will get you to the Bordeaux train station. Alternatively you can grab a public transit bus or a taxi from the stand located just outside of the terminal.

Getting around Bordeaux

There are numerous ways of getting around Bordeaux. The city has an extensive public bus network that reaches all points in the city. The tram network is quite handy as it goes right through places that are deemed pedestrian-areas and many of these sit in some of the best sight-seeing locations. You can use the city's boat transport for a nice inexpensive trip on the water as well as a mode of transportation. Additionally, you have the option of using the city's taxis, which will likely be the best and cleanest you've ever used as the standards are high and of course they are also pricier than using the many other modes available to you. Biking around the city is also a good option as you can check out a lot of the places you want to visit and then map them out.

Insider Guide

  • Visit Bordeaux's Arachon Bay, which is where you will find one of the most succulent varieties of oyster in Europe. Take a tour of the area and than tuck in with a white Bordeaux and some of the day's catch.
  • Visit Le Monument aux Girondins for art that will affect your mind and soul. The monument is a tribute to deputies that were executed during the Reign of Terror after the French Revolution.
  • Visit the city's Fine Art Museum to view a collection of art from some of the world's greatest painters. You will be entranced by the works of Picasso and Renoir among others.
  • For dessert ask for a sweet you will not find anywhere else in France. The Canele de Bordeaux is a delicious cake that hums of vanilla and run, and is cooked in a unique Bordeaux fashion.
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Historical prices for Bordeaux flights.

Departure Airline Prices
Paris Air France $175
Bali KLM Royal Dutch Airlines $1432
Edinburgh KLM Royal Dutch Airlines $389
Geneva Easyjet $113
London Easyjet $118
Lugano Swiss International $4446

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