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Bora Bora Flights & Travel Guide

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Why fly to Bora Bora?

It's hard to believe such blissful perfection can exist, but the magnificence of Bora Bora will make a believer out of you.

t's a tiny paradise in the giant Pacific Ocean, surrounded by a barrier reef and smack dab in the middle of the island is an old volcano.

The resorts range from affordable to super luxurious but no matter where you are staying the rich views of gorgeous waters and exotic landscape are never far away.

The beaches offer hours and days of peaceful relaxation and delicious umbrellas drinks, but if you want to get a little adventurous there is plenty of that too.

One of the most thrilling and a little frightening things you can do around the island is swim with the stingray and sharks in the lagoon. Your guide will feed them so they'll stay away from you, but it is certainly a moment you won't forget as scenes from jaws dance in your head.

Play with some high speed toys on the the waters of Bora Bora You can sign up for a jet boat tour. There is just something about having that jet power in your very own hands and playing in the water with these super-fast adult toys. It's a great way to get some splash and get the adrenaline going.

As the sun begins to set, rest assured the island will show you a whole new personality. The evening dining and parties are presented to you with the exoticism of an island far far away from the humdrum of regular life.

An evening out in Bora Bora is always fun as you can take in any number of shows. The antics of the Tahitian fire dancers are amazing as you watch them do all sorts of acrobatic moves with flames shooting alongside.

Enjoy island cooking and the most fragrant mahi-mahi you will ever taste. The fish is accompanied by lovely grilled bananas served up on banana leafs - that is enough for anyone to feel exotic enough to sew up a banana leaf dress for a night of dancing.

A holiday in Bora Bora is a little bit like being transported into your ultimate tropical fantasy, lagoons, waterfalls, fire dancing and just sheer ultimate relaxation.

Bora Bora Weather

The weather is of warm perfection throughout the year. The summer months hit highs of 30 and the evenings cool down ever so slightly into the mid 20s. The summers are also when the heaviest rains of the year arrive and leave Bora Bora quite soggy from December to February. The winter months from May to October don't differ substantially in terms of temperatures, but the amount of rain poured over the island is cut in half.

When to fly to Bora Bora

Peak Season

It is always a good time to go to Bora Bora, but the most popular is the winter when temperatures are warm but the rains are at bay. This also means flight ticket prices from May through to September are on the pricey side.

Off Season

Bora Bora is absolutely doused in rain from December to March and that means travel numbers are on the low side. However, the rainy season means lower flight ticket prices so it could be a good time to get in that dream vacation and enjoy the romance of a rainy, beautiful island.

Getting into Bora Bora

Your portal to gorgeous Bora Bora will open up at Bora Bora Airport, which is located on one of the islets that sit outside of the island. If you are staying on a resort they will likely have a boat service to pick you up and get you to your destination. Make sure you check with your place of stay ahead of time to arrange times.

Getting around Bora Bora

If you want to be foot-loose your best bet for getting around Bora Bora is to rent a car or moterbike. There is some public transport, however the population on the island is very small so the service is really only useful for getting a feel of island life, otherwise you could be sitting around waiting for a very long time. Your resort should be able to help you with bike rentals and such to get around and most trips will be arranged by their staff.

Insider Guide

  • Waterfalls are always magical but get ready to be super-sized on your visit to Fautaua Waterfall. The falls can be a bit of a hike depending on high you want to go. You can take the first one in on fairly easy ground, but the other two require you to really want it. So make sure you wear your good hiking shoes. The sound alone will pull you into tranquility at the first one so you will need to be determined if you want the magnificence of the whole trois.
  • Visit the Maraa Grotto for a little offside adventure. First off, it's a grotto, the word alone emits the mysteriousness of such a place. It is a lovely cool respite from the island heat and the black water can be both alluring and a little challenging.
  • If you thought things couldn't get any more relaxing, they sure can. Take in amassage at the Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort and Spa, which is set outside and has a spectacular view of the lagoon. They have special couples packages that will surely take your sweet vacation to absolutely romantic.
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Bora Bora


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Cheap Flights to Bora Bora (BOB)

Historical prices for Bora Bora flights.

Departure Airline Prices
New York JFK Air Tahiti Nui $2293
Los Angeles Air Tahiti Nui $1502
La Guardia Air Tahiti Nui $2327

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