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Berlin Flights & Travel Guide

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Why fly to Berlin?

Germany's capital city is home to an attitude that sets it apart from the rest of the country. Straddling the Spree River, Berlin is an interesting mix of new age and firm history.

A large part of the city is fairly new after many of its historic buildings were destroyed following World War II. Old Berlin meets its new counterpart in Potsdamer Platz which was created after the Berlin wall came down in 1989. This is where you will find several galleries and museums.

The Reichstag, which is the seat of Germany's traditional Parliament, was partially destroyed in the war and has gone through several renovations and now is quite a formidable building with a glass dome that gives visitors a chance to peer out at the city. Brandenburg Gate is nearby, standing as a symbol of peace in the city. This gate has special meaning to Berliners since the first time many were able to get close to the city's last standing gate was in 1989 after the wall came down.

A large part of Berlin is green, there are numerous parks and playgrounds dotted throughout the city and outside of the center core you can explore lakes and forests. Or head to Museum Island in the Spree River, which is home to glorious nature as well as five museums and has been declared a UNESCO heritage site.

The city's nightlife has been described as one of the best in the world with parties lasting through nights and into early mornings. Berlin also has great street food culture and topping that list is currywurst. Germany is famous for its sausage and each region has their own take. In Berlin try the currywurst which is a sausage slathered with a curried ketchup. There are numerous street food stands dedicated to dishing up the best of this dish.

Berlin Weather

Weather in Berlin varies based upon season with spring through fall the temperatures are quite pleasant. Temperatures are chilly in the winter and numbers dip below 0. Summers are warm and temperatures hover in the low to high 20s from early summer to late.

When to fly to Berlin

Peak season

The summer months are a very popular time to visit Berlin and see the sights. December has folks pouring into town for Christmas markets or flying in at the tail end of the month to ring in a Berlin New Year. All of this means flight prices during this time are fairly expensive. Berlin is a business hub which can also affect the prices of flight tickets during the weekdays.

Off season

The spring is a good time to fly to Berlin. You can find some great deals and the weather has generally warmed up enough that you don't need more than a light jacket outside.

Getting into Berlin

The city has two major international airports, the Berlin-Tegel International Airport and the Berlin-Schonefeld Airport. From both airports you can catch express buses or standard buses that will take you to the U-Bahn or the S-Bahn and then into Berlin. Taxi service is also available.

Getting around Berlin

Berlin has a very wide and interconnected public transportation network. You can use buses, trams and the U-Bahn and S-Bahn to get pretty much anywhere you want to be at any time of the day. Biking is also a good option since the city has many dedicated bike lanes.

Insider Guide

  • The Christmas markets in Berlin are legendary, residents of neighboring countries often take a weekend break to the city to take them in and shop. The markets are a great place to pick up unique and top quality gifts for Christmas or any other holiday you may celebrate.
  • Visit Berlin's TV tower to get a fantastic view of the city. You will feel a little like Charlie in the Great Glass Elevator as you zoom up to the tip of the Fernsehturn. Once on top you can take in all of Berlin and have a little nosh at the revolving restaurant.
  • Head to Borchardt to dine like the elite do. The restaurant is more than 150 years old (although the original location was destroyed after WWII) and serves up German classics like schnitzel and has one of the meanest steaks in town.
  • For a bit of an unusual experience head to White Trash Fast Food. This place offers up great food with somewhat raunchy names and also houses a tattoo parlour, cinema and hosts live shows and parties.
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Cheap Flights to Berlin (BER)

Historical prices for Berlin flights.

Departure Airline Prices
Boston Continental $555
San Francisco Air France $630
New York Air France $520
Atlanta Continental $767
New York JFK Air France $544
Portland Air France $736
Beijing Aeroflot $935
Dallas Fort Worth Air France $655
Los Angeles Air France $696
Phoenix Air France $567
Philadelphia Air France $592
Baltimore American Airlines $691
Mumbai Air France $657
Seattle Air Canada $702
Quebec Air Canada $742
Pittsburgh Air France $639
Denver American Airlines $638
Las Vegas Air France $676
Houston Air France $830
Chicago Air France $685
Bangkok Aeroflot $778
Brussels Austrian Airlines $87
London Easyjet $59
Huntsville Decatur American Airlines $1014
Dublin Aer Lingus $72

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