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Why fly to Bali?

Pair the tropicality of the Caribbean with Southasian spirituality and you have the lovely city of Bali which sits in a province of the same name.

Bali is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. One of the most popular is the remote Kuta Beach, which could be your very own beach paradise for at least a few hours if you go early enough. The city is also home to Mount Rinjani volcano, which is the second highest in the country. A hike to the top will bring you the most gorgeous of views of the island and a beautiful crater lake.

Bali has some of the most beautiful waterfalls you will ever see. These waterfalls pour forth through the lushes of greenery and you will truly feel as though you are in some magical dreamworld. So don't forget to take a trip into nature and spend an afternoon chasing waterfalls.

Bali is also renowned for its highly developed arts, including traditional and modern dance, sculpture, painting, leather, metalworking, and music.

A tourist haven for decades, the province has seen a surge in tourist number since a book detailing the adventures of a Western girl in Bali hit the New York Times' Bestseller list. This book has triggered a new focus on Balinese spirituality and visitors are welcome at temples.

Besides the island spirituality there is also a lot of traditional entertainment and food to be enjoyed. Balinese meals tend to be buffet based with rice as the building element. So grab your bowl of rice and top it with fish, mussels, chicken, veggies and spices. Each meal is really your own creation.

And speaking of interesting food, every February, the Sask people of Bali commemorate a princess who drowned in Lombok waters during a huge fishing festival. Hundreds turn up looking for the season's first wormfish, part of the ritual is eating that first one you spot - if you dare. Alternatively, the fish is cooked up beach side so you can avoid the fear factor.

The city's beatiful beaches, lovely hospitallity and deep spirituality make it one of the most gorgeous and relaxing places to visit. One visit to Bali is usually never enough.

Bali Weather

Bali's tropical climate means beautiful sunshine and warm air throughout the year. The summers can get fairly hot with temperatures hitting the low 30s, while in the summer the numbers drop into the teens. Monsoon season begins in October and keeps Bali wet until early spring. The mountain regions in Bali are cooler than the rest of the island so if you go for a visit remember to take along a light jacket.

When to fly to Bali

Peak season

The summer months are a popular time to visit Bali which means flight deals are hard to come by and prices are high from June through to August. December is also quite popular as visitors escape cold climates and take in some warm Balinese air. Flight prices during the latter half of December are particularly high.

Off season

Visitor numbers to Bali begin to decline when fall hits and that is when you can score some great flight deals. October and November trips will garner you great weather and flight prices you can brag about. February through April are also good times to book flights, however mid-March can be pricier due to Spring Break.

Getting into Bali

You will be welcomed to Bali at the Ngurah Rai Airport which is located on the island. The little airport sees air traffic from all over the world. Once you arrive you can take a taxi or a shuttle to your destination.

Getting around Bali

This island's transportation story should be illustrated into a storybook for children because really there are just so many ways to get around that experiencing the transportation is a thing to do of its own.

Miniature vans called Bemo's are the most popular form of transportation on the island. They have a set route and you pay depending on where you're going to get off.

Bus service is available. Many tourists choose to hire cars over taking taxis since it can be a little more convenient. You can also rent bicycles and motorbikes. In the neighboring islands of Java and Sumutra there is train.

In rural areas they use cars, motorcycles or becak which is a three-wheeled bike where you sit at the front and the driver sits in the back and pedals. For true island flavor use a delman which is a decorated horse-drawn four-wheel cart. You can also use an ojek which is a motorbike and driver for hire.

There is also ferry transportation that gets you in between islands.

Insider Guide

  • The Balinese have a special ceremony called the "Ngaben," this is something visitors can participate in as well. The ceremony consists of a celebration of the five senses, which are called Panca Tan Matra, and the five elements, soil, water, fire, air and ether, which the Balinese call Panca Maha Butha. The recognition of these elements are considered a celebration of the human body.
  • Visit the Bukit Mungsu market in the Bedgugul Mountain area. You can find lovely fruits and vegetables that are grown in the region. And the market has a really interesting combination of exotic flowers and birds (make sure you find out ahead of time what you can or can't take back with you before you make any purchases).
  • Visit the natural pools of Tirtagangga. These springs are a rare treat and will give you a chance to frolic in true natural spring water."
  • Compare flights to Denpasar - Bali from Australia on

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Cheap Flights to Bali (DPS)

Historical prices for Bali flights.

Departure Airline Prices
Singapore Garuda Indonesia $124
New York Cathay Pacific $1263
San Francisco Cathay Pacific $839
Los Angeles Cathay Pacific $987
Manila Jetstar Asia $343
Kuala Lumpur Garuda Indonesia $304
Jakarta Garuda Indonesia $397
Bangkok Garuda Indonesia $405
London Emirates $1077
Surabaya Lion Air $118
Stavanger Korean Air $1451
Ho Chi Minh Malaysia Airlines $778
Rome Emirates $1684
Phuket Jetstar Asia $354
London Heathrow Emirates $1406
Jakarta Garuda Indonesia $465
Khabarovsk Korean Air $2164
Johor Bahru Malaysia Airlines $467
Brussels Qatar Airways $1451
Bandar Seri Begwan Malaysia Airlines $1475
Dili Qantas Airways $4765
Davao City Philippine Airlines $895
Hong Kong Malaysia Airlines $4411
Amsterdam Qatar Airways $1067
Austin American Airlines $2453

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