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Alicante Flights & Travel Guide

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Why fly to Alicante?

It is a living postcard which ever way you turn, a snap here, a quick picture there, you just won't be able to help yourself.

Alicante, Spain has a lot going on her neck of the woods and for many visitors its a bit of a surprise. The city sits in Valencia, one of Spain's autonomous regions and is bordered by the Costa Blanca.

Upon your arrival gaze up the hillside and you will seer the Castle of Santa Barbara looking down over you. It is a stunning 9th century structure that sort of puts the city's romantic side into prospective as soon as you set foot in Alicante. Head to the top and peer down below as royalty once did over its dominion.

Naturally, in a city which has a history that goes back thousands of years, there are many museums. Visit the Contemporary Art Museum, Volvo Ocean Race Museum or the MARQ Provincial Archaeological Museum for a great history lesson set in a rather unusual setting, it sits inside an old hospital.

Now over to the aesthetic reasons for being in this lovely city. Street art is a favorite and we are not talking about graffiti, but rather whimsical displays of modern art, like a street covered in colorful umbrellas that have been hung high above to create a gorgeous childlike dreamy city. Or the streets lined in wonderful patterns that play tricks with your eyes.

Moving outside of the interior streets and onto the Costa Blanca and you find miles and miles of sandy beaches and water that looks bejewelled. Relax and take in what it feels like to sit in a city that has been fought over much like the knights of days past fought over a beautiful woman.

Alicante is a city you all in love with or fall in love in ...

Alicante Weather

For the most part, Alicante is a hot city. The summer temperatures hit highs in the low 30s and cool down into the high teens in the nights. The fall months are cooler and that is when the rains begin, average numbers are in the mid teens and the rainies months tend to be October and November. Moving into winter the temperatures drop into the tens in the evenings.

When to fly to Alicante

Peak Season

Summer is a popular time to visit the city and take in the beaches and Mediterranean lifestyle. Flight ticket prices from June to August are fairly high.

Off Season

The winter months see a decline in tourism as the temperatures are not high enough for lying on the beach, althought they are high enough to stroll the city. The lower temperatures in the winter months bring with them a decrease in flight ticket prices so this is a good time to visit the various historic sites and enjoy the shopping and dining.

Getting into Alicante

Your flight into Alicante will have you landing at the Alicante Airport. From the airport you can use the bus service to get you into the city. Alternatively, taxi services area also available.

Getting around Alicante

Alicante is a great walking city as it is the best way to experience all the sights and sounds. Local bus service will get you around to the various sites in the city. If you want to head into the outskirts there is train service to get you there. Additionally, if you are thinking of a side trip there are ferry services as well.

Insider Guide

  • The beaches are lovely and calming so for a complete 360, visit Terra Natura. This animal park will bring you close to wild animals from all over the world. You can see anything from sea lions to marauding monkeys. The park is divided into continental areas that are complete with both flora and fauna from that region. If you're feeling peckish you can enjoy cuisines ranging from Indian to Spanish.
  • Enjoy Tapas, which are great as appetizers and really can be munched on for a meal as they are made with wonderful ingredients. If you visit Paseo Explanada de Espana you will find yourself in the center of Tapas country and you really can't go wrong as the flavors of Valencia always sit right.
  • If you are a stylish thing head to Plaza Calvo Sotelo and get your fix. Saunter the streets and you will find shops with original pieces you can take home and wear out to be the star of any show.
  • Visit the 17th century Cathedral San Nicolas for a taste of the Spanish Renaissance. The interiors boast beautiful lighting and architecture, made more beautiful if you take in a Sunda mass service.
  • If you can wrangle a visit in June you're in for a treat as this is when the Fogueres de Sant Joan Festival takes place. The city lights for the 4-day festival with massive fireworks and a huge celebration.
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Cheap Flights to Alicante (ALC)

Historical prices for Alicante flights.

Departure Airline Prices
Miami American Airlines $720
Nha Trang Air France $2032
Paris Air France $256
Ho Chi Minh Air France $1771
Venice Air France $791
Amsterdam Transavia Airlines $211
London Easyjet $180
Liverpool Ryanair $171
Lyon Air France $1503
Newcastle Thomas Cook $262

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