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Wizz Air Flight Guide

Wizz Air

Wizz Air History

Wizz Air is a relative new airline. It was established in 2003 and began running flights the next year. Its main hub is at the Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport. Its main clientele are those who are more interested in its low-cost service than other airlinesí in-flight amenities.
Although Wizz Air is not the flag carrier of Hungary (budget airlines rarely are), they are the biggest carrier in the country. They operate 45 aircraft that fly to 93 destinations, and the plan in the years to come is to expand further.

Wizz Air Flights

Why fly Wizz Air?

Wizz Air is a budget airline that offers a no-frills service to passengers who are most concerned with the price of the ticket. It should not be surprising that the principle investor in Wizz Air is an American company (US airlines having pioneered the idea of low-cost airlines). Although the airline has its hub in Budapest, most of its traffic moves through Poland.
Wizz Air filled a gap in Eastern Europe that was had not been fulfilled by the traditional low-cost carriers like easyJet and Ryanair. Now, Wizz Air is growing exponentially, offering its customer base ridiculous deals on airfare. One shouldnít expect much in terms on in-flight service, but itís hard to find better rates.

Wizz Air Flight Destinations

Wizz Air serves primarily European destinations, with future plans to expand into nearby countries. Currently, Wizz Air planes arrive to Spain, Turkey, Greece, Italy, France, Ireland, Scotland, England, Sweden, Norway, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Belgium, Holland, Slovenia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Macedonia. They also have flights to Cyprus, Israel, Georgia, the United Arab Emirates and Azerbaijan.
Wizz Air does not have any codeshare agreements with other airlines. However, it is the parent company of two airlines: Wizz Air Ukraine and Wizz Air Serbia are its subsidiaries.

On Board Wizz Air

Wizz Air is a fully bare-bones carrier. Those who fly with them get onboard, sit, receive no food or drinks and no entertainment, and are scrunched up with their neighbor. The service isnít all that bad if one plans ahead and brings their own food and drinks. All food and drinks on Wizz Air flights are available via the buy on board program, Wizz Cafť and Wizz Boutique. There are a number of offerings, but they tend to be rather expensive. However, Wizz Air bases much of its revenue on this program, as itís not uncommon for people to make purchases. There are also products for sale and special onboard-only deals that are periodically announced. All purchases must be made with credit card.

Business Class Flights

There is no Business Class aboard Wizz Air planes. The economy class is rated as a 2-star airline, one of the lowest in the world. However, one can feel safe in the knowledge that Wizz Air meets the safety standards of the European Union, and so the only true danger will be boredom and thirst.

Wizz Air Lounges

Wizz Air does not offer any lounges. Passengers can pay fees to enter generic airport lounges where they exist.


Wizz Airís website is located at Those who choose to fly with Wizz Air should be aware of their ill-rated customer service. Special deals show up on the homepage of the website, and the fine print is really small, so one should take extra care.


Cheap Wizz Air Flights & Online Bookings

Below are a historical prices of flight deals on Wizz Air from the USA to . Prices are a guide only and are subject to availability and conditions, additional charges may apply. For more deals try the booking engine

London from $154* Rome from $74* Barcelona from $181* Venice from $77*
Budapest from $141* Prague from $57* Warsaw from $618* Stockholm from $138*
Sofia from $88* Skopje from $71* London Luton from $137*

Flight Route Origin Country Destination Country Distance
London Luton to Budapest United Kingdom Hungary 924 miles
London Luton to Prague United Kingdom Czech Republic 645 miles
London Luton to Warsaw United Kingdom Poland 902 miles
London Luton to Sofia United Kingdom Bulgaria 1271 miles
London Luton to Beograd United Kingdom Serbia 1060 miles
London Luton to Riga United Kingdom Latvia 1030 miles
London Luton to Skopje United Kingdom Macedonia 1233 miles
London Luton to Vilnius United Kingdom Lithuania 1069 miles
London Luton to Gdansk United Kingdom Poland 795 miles
London Luton to Wroclaw United Kingdom Poland 741 miles
London Luton to Poznan United Kingdom Poland 727 miles
London Luton to Timisoara United Kingdom Romania 1065 miles
London Luton to Katowice United Kingdom Poland 844 miles
London Luton to Bourgas United Kingdom Bulgaria 1443 miles
London Luton to Turany United Kingdom Czech Republic 769 miles
London Luton to Cluj-napoca United Kingdom Romania 1130 miles
London Luton to Bucharest United Kingdom Romania 1309 miles
London Luton to Tirgu Mures United Kingdom Romania 1171 miles
London Luton to Kiev United Kingdom Ukraine 1327 miles
Cork to Warsaw Ireland Poland 1242 miles
Liverpool to Warsaw United Kingdom Poland 992 miles
Prestwick to Warsaw United Kingdom Poland 1058 miles
Cork to Vilnius Ireland Lithuania 1393 miles
Cork to Gdansk Ireland Poland 1122 miles
Cork to Wroclaw Ireland Poland 1085 miles
Cork to Poznan Ireland Poland 1067 miles
Cork to Katowice Ireland Poland 1189 miles
Liverpool to Gdansk United Kingdom Poland 866 miles
Liverpool to Katowice United Kingdom Poland 949 miles
Prestwick to Gdansk United Kingdom Poland 912 miles
Doncaster, Sheffield to Warsaw United Kingdom Poland 916 miles
Doncaster, Sheffield to Vilnius United Kingdom Lithuania 1061 miles
Doncaster, Sheffield to Poznan United Kingdom Poland 742 miles
Doncaster, Sheffield to Katowice United Kingdom Poland 874 miles
Doncaster, Sheffield to Gdansk United Kingdom Poland 790 miles

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