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Virgin Atlantic Flight Guide

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic Airways

Virgin Atlantic Flights

Virgin Atlantic Airways History

Virgin Atlantic is the personal project of billionaire Richard Branson. His is the story of a magazine turning into a record store, which in turn became a record company and finally incorporated hundreds of other businesses, Virgin Atlantic among them. Branson has said that frustration should be at the base of every new business. Frustration with the quality of air travel, perhaps?
The airline is does not have “hubs” per se, but London Heathrow would be the closest thing. Virgin also operates out of Gatwick Airport and Manchester. The fleet consists of 40 planes that fly to some 34 locations. Virgin Atlantic is part of the Virgin Group, Branson’s company that also has airlines in several other countries.

Why fly Virgin Atlantic Airways?

Virgin Atlantic’s history tells one that it comes from a frustrated feeling at the quality of air service. It’s not hard to see that Virgin offers its clients spacious economy class seating, top-tier attendants and a lovely frequent flyer program that rewards its most loyal customers.
That program is called the Flying Club. Like other programs of this type, members fly in order to earn miles that they can later redeem for perks such as free flights, upgrades, hotel stays, car rentals, merchandise and more. The program divides its members into three categories, from the free Red level to the Silver and elite Gold levels. Members must earn “tier points” in order to gain in these membership categories, which come with the added benefits of lounge access, special attention, faster check-in and higher mile rewards.

Virgin Atlantic Airways Flight Destinations

Virgin Atlantic once had a number of subsidiaries that served locations around Europe, but the mainline was founded in order to serve long-haul destinations and therefore compete with British Airways. Virgin Airways flies to several domestic locations as well. Among its international destinations, however, are the United States and Canada, Cuba, Jamaica, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Japan, China and India.
Although Virgin Atlantic is not part of any alliance, they have numerous codeshare agreements in order to connect their passengers to more destinations around the globe. Airlines that have entered into codeshare agreements with Virgin Atlantic include South African Airways, Singapore Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Gulf Air, Air China, Virgin American and Australia, Jet Airways, Air New Zealand, Delta, Malaysia Airlines and others.

On Board Virgin Atlantic Airways

Virgin Atlantic aircraft are design to accommodate three distinct kinds of cabin classes. These are economy, premium economy and upper class. The standard and cheapest ticket will see one in the economy class seating. The seats are the latest in economy comfort. Virgin Atlantic treats its passengers well. Meals are included on all flights. Complimentary drinks are also on offer, and the selection is diverse. Passengers get the added perk of receiving amenity kits, akin to those that business class clients are used to getting. The in-flight entertainment includes a system of advanced software installed on personal screens on the seat backs. These can be tilted as necessary.
The Premium Economy class of seating in some cases should be compared to Business Class seating. There is a priority check-in available, a separate, dedicated crew, and a wider seat with power for electronics. Meals are also served on high-quality silverware and china. The in-flight entertainment is the same, with slightly larger screens. Premium Economy passengers likewise receive amenity kits, meal options newspapers and a drink before take-off (alcoholic if so preferred).
All passengers can access the comprehensive collection of apps that work with Virgin Atlantic to make the experience all the smoother. The London City Guide is excellent, as is the necessary Virgin Atlantic app. Customers can even use the app as their boarding pass.

Business Class Flights

The Business Class or First Class is called “Upper Class” on Virgin Atlantic flights. Passengers who opt for an upper class seat can enjoy its full reclining capabilities and totally-flat position. They will enjoy upgraded meal service that comes with a number of selections, and an inexhaustible list of drink options. They also have access to the lounges, and a private chauffeur on the ground (where also they have priority check-in privileges). One interesting attribute to the upper class experience on Virgin Atlantic is the bar with bar stool in the middle of the cabin space. Here, one can sit to a drink and be social.
On larger flights, the Upper Class Dream Suite is available, which comes with more perks, including total privacy and a dedicated mini bar.

Virgin Atlantic Airways Lounges

Virgin Atlantic’s lounges are called clubhouses. These are some of the most exclusive lounges around, and feature truly modern takes on what a waiting room can look like. To access the clubhouses, one must possess an upper class ticket or be a gold member in the frequent flyer rewards and loyalty program. These clubhouses are located around the world. One will find them in the following places: Hong Kong, Gatwick, Heathrow, JFK, Johannesburg, Washington, San Francisco, Tokyo and Newark.
The clubhouses offer private bathrooms and showers, dedicated chefs that cook up truly fine meals, top-of-the-line bartenders to provide the perfect spirit, comfortable seating, internet, work spaces, sleeping space and more.


Virgin Atlantic’s website can be found at It is a very modern, well-designed website. The traditional information is there, from booking details to travel experience info. Here one can find out about news, special deals, reward program perks and more.


Cheap Virgin Atlantic Flights & Online Bookings

Below are a historical prices of flight deals on Virgin Atlantic from the USA to London, Hong Kong. Prices are a guide only and are subject to availability and conditions, additional charges may apply. For more deals try the booking engine

Los Angeles from $547* New York from $577* Melbourne from $1041* Brisbane from $2013*
London from $535* Dubai from $978* Miami from $1616* Dublin from $791*
London Heathrow from $557* Delhi from $1017* New York JFK from $1572* Mumbai from $964*
Berlin from $816* Manchester from $788* Hong Kong from $822* Chennai Madras from $1805*
Nairobi from $1130* Glasgow from $747* Gold Coast from $2739* Ahmedabad from $2033*
Hannover from $934* Balikpapan from $6444* Orlando Intl from $1138* Tobago (Scarborough) from $1285*

Flight Route Origin Country Destination Country Distance
London Heathrow to Los Angeles United Kingdom United States 5431 miles
London Heathrow to New York United Kingdom United States 3434 miles
London Gatwick to Las Vegas United Kingdom United States 5228 miles
Sydney to Hong Kong Australia Hong Kong 4584 miles
London Heathrow to Dubai United Kingdom United Arab Emirates 3409 miles
London Heathrow to Miami United Kingdom United States 4407 miles
San Francisco to London United States United Kingdom 5342 miles
Las Vegas to Manchester United States United Kingdom 5063 miles
London Heathrow to Boston United Kingdom United States 3248 miles
London Heathrow to Delhi United Kingdom India 4173 miles
London Heathrow to Johannesburg United Kingdom South Africa 5627 miles
London Heathrow to Tokyo United Kingdom Japan 5946 miles
London Gatwick to Orlando United Kingdom United States 4335 miles
London Gatwick to Havana United Kingdom Cuba 4655 miles
Hong Kong to London Hong Kong United Kingdom 5971 miles
London Heathrow to Shanghai United Kingdom China 5729 miles
Newark to London United States United Kingdom 3448 miles
London Heathrow to Washington United Kingdom United States 3659 miles
London Heathrow to Lagos United Kingdom Nigeria 3103 miles
London Heathrow to Cape Town United Kingdom South Africa 6003 miles
London Gatwick to Kingston United Kingdom Jamaica 4673 miles
London Heathrow to Nairobi United Kingdom Kenya 4242 miles
London Gatwick to Bridgetown United Kingdom Barbados 4190 miles

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