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United Airlines Flight Guide

United Airlines

Airline History

Having once been owned by the world’s leading manufacturer of intercontinental aircraft, Boeing, United Airlines has a history that stems from a well-grounded and relevant foundation. United was founded in 1926 under a different name, and over the course of the twentieth century grew into one of the largest airlines in the world. It was in 2010 that United merged with Continental Airlines, to definitively create the world’s largest carrier by passenger mile.
United Airlines is an American company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The city’s O’Hare International Airport was for decades the busiest airport in the world because of United’s presence. O’Hare has since been usurped by Atlanta, but it remains among the top 5 busiest airports on all the major lists. United Airlines has nine other hubs besides Chicago, including hubs overseas in places such as Guam and Tokyo.

United Airlines Flights

Why fly United Airlines?

United Airlines has a proven record of quality service. They provide in-flight movies and meals on longer haul routes, and they have been consistently rated among the top services in the business. In addition, and representative of the trend in the twenty-first century economy, United has adapted green initiatives that range from going paperless on the flight deck to replacing less-fuel-efficient aircraft with new vehicles that employ greener technology.
Another reason to fly United Airlines is for their coherent and developed codeshare program. United has deals with several major airlines including but not limited to Aer Lingus, Hawaiian Airlines, Jet Airways and Silver Airways. In addition to the codeshares, the airline is also connected to United Express services, and it is a member of the Star Alliance group of air travel companies.
Finally, United Airlines offers a comprehensive miles rewards program called MileagePlus. The accumulated miles can be redeemed for a number of perks, including purchasing new tickets, transferring miles as gifts and upgrading seats. United Airlines also has special offers through its website and e-mail subscriptions, and special discounts are available for veterans and senior citizens.

United Airlines Flight Destinations

United Airlines has service to all major U.S. cities. In total, the airline flies to 78 domestic locations. These include the hub cities, focus cities and seasonal routes as well. Through the codeshare and partnerships that United Airlines has, travelers can fly with United to arrive to a host of other smaller destinations. On the international scene, United Airlines planes fly to 108 international locations. Most major European capital cities and those larger financial centers and tourist hubs are well-represented in United’s flight plans. In addition, United Airlines have scheduled service to most South American and Central American nations, and to a number of Caribbean nations. They also fly to Canada, Australia, Turkey, Russia, China, India, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines, a number of Pacific Island nations, several West African nations, Thailand and Vietnam.

On Board

United flights are staffed by friendly and well-trained flight attendants. Once in the air, passengers are informed of special offers and products available for inflight purchase, including duty-free items for international destinations. On select flights, travelers can enjoy any of a number of entertainment options including DIRECTV, music offerings, On Demand, Video Games and more.
Drinks and snacks are complimentary on every flight. On international voyages overseas, meals are also included. For all flights that last longer than two hours, travelers can purchase meals onboard as well. The seating is spacious on most flights, and an optional upgrade to Economy Plus offers that option for those who really need to stretch their legs.
Every aircraft is stocked with the standard economy class rows of seating. Each of these seats has an adjustable headrest for extra comfort. On the back of these headrests is a personal television screen for the in-flight offerings of movies and other video and audio programs.

Business Class Flights

United offers two options for its Business Class travelers. United Business is offered on flights to Latin America, the Caribbean, Guam and Canada, and on flights jumping between Asian cities. United Business offers spacious seats as a standard, with complimentary drinks, wine and spirits. Meals are also included and one can choose among several options. For those flights lasting longer than 3 hours, United Business clients can choose from a database of movies or DIRECTV.
United BusinessFirst is the second option, and offers spacious seats that one can convert into a flat bed. Flights with this option include those routes to Africa, Europe, the South Pacific, the Middle East, India, and Asia. It is also available on select flights between several Asian cities. BusinessFirst travelers receive many complimentary items including duvet pillow, a gift kit, hot towel, menu, meals, deserts and beverages. The seats come standard with USB charge ports, newspapers, laptop connections and special headsets.
Business and first-class travelers also have the added advantage of priority check-in and selective service from United’s staff.


United operates a growing network of lounges that comprise what they have dubbed the “United Club”. Many destinations have a United Club lounge, which offers their members access to Wi-Fi internet, soft drinks and snacks in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. In addition, there is also the United First International Lounge for travelers on first class tickets. Some of these lounges offer such amenities as meals and showers. For non-members who are curious, a one-time pass is available for fifty dollars.


The official website of United Airlines is Here one can learn everything there is to learn about United Airlines, its partners and subsidiaries. One should consider subscribing to their e-mails alerts, which bring to one’s attention such things as last-minute flight deals and new perks for award program members.


Cheap United Airlines Flights & Online Bookings

Below are a historical prices of flight deals on United Airlines from the USA to Boston, Cleveland. Prices are a guide only and are subject to availability and conditions, additional charges may apply. For more deals try the booking engine

Sydney from $702* Los Angeles from $108* Bangkok from $805* New York from $98*
Las Vegas from $112* Melbourne from $790* Brisbane from $1318* London from $575*
Dubai from $944* Miami from $160* San Francisco from $118* Singapore from $453*
Perth from $1825* Vancouver from $218* from $*

Flight Route Origin Country Destination Country Distance
Los Angeles to Sydney United States Australia 7478 miles
Melbourne to Sydney Australia Australia 437 miles
Los Angeles to New York United States United States 2464 miles
Las Vegas to Los Angeles United States United States 236 miles
Sydney to San Francisco Australia United States 7409 miles
London Heathrow to Los Angeles United Kingdom United States 5431 miles
Los Angeles to San Francisco United States United States 337 miles
Los Angeles to Honolulu United States United States 2547 miles
Los Angeles to Chicago United States United States 1737 miles
San Francisco to New York United States United States 2574 miles
Los Angeles to Boston United States United States 2600 miles
Las Vegas to San Francisco United States United States 412 miles
Los Angeles to Tokyo United States Japan 5427 miles
Orlando to Los Angeles United States United States 2209 miles
Los Angeles to Denver United States United States 859 miles
Chicago to New York United States United States 730 miles
Las Vegas to Chicago United States United States 1508 miles
London Heathrow to San Francisco United Kingdom United States 5342 miles

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