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Spirit Airlines Flight Guide

Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines History

Despite the airline’s rapid growth from 2007, Spirit Airline’s history will always remain peculiar. That is, the airline began as a trucking company. It expanded to become Charter One, an air carrier based out of Detroit, and when that eventually didn’t jive, it became Spirit Airlines, the uber-budget carrier.
Today Spirit Airlines operates 54 planes that fly to 57 locations in the US, Caribbean and Latin America. Its main hub is in Fort Lauderdale, which is one of the principle cities linking South America to the United States.

Spirit Airlines Flights

Why fly Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines does not have a traditional frequent flyer program. Their main incentive is their “9 dollar fare club”. What they offer members of this club is extra-low fares, exclusive deals, additional luggage allowances and deals for third-party. They also have the Spirit MasterCard, which is linked with Bank of America and offers 2 miles per dollar spent. These miles can be redeemed for free tickets. So, there is a loyalty program, but since Spirit Airlines is ranked as one of the only 2-star airlines in the world, it’s not saying much.

Spirit Airlines Flight Destinations

Spirit Airlines flies to many cities through the US, the Caribbean and Latin America. They offer the absolute cheapest option from the destinations to which it flies. It has service to most Central American countries, and many Caribbean island nations including Haiti, Puerto Rica, Sint Maarten, Jamaica, Aruba, The Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, and the US Virgin Islands. It also flies to a number of cities in Mexico. Spirit Airlines serves 20 US states, mostly concentrated in Florida, California and Michigan. Spirit has recently expanded its operations to serve locations such as Peru’s capital Lima, and four cities in Colombia including Medellin, Bogota, Armenia and Cartagena.

On Board Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is almost alone in the 2-star category. The reason it is ranked so low is that the business model is one in which they want to reap the greatest profit no matter who they have to stomp on. The customer service is bad, and they are very strict with their fine print. Customers are often charged for too much luggage, and the prices climb to 100 dollars for extra baggage.
Onboard there is one class, and the economy seats are configured for maximum capacity. There is no in-flight entertainment system, and all drinks and food are buy-on-board. There are special deals available during the flight, including perks for if passengers sign up for the reward credit card.

Business Class Flights

There is no Business Class and there is no economy plus seating. All seats are economy, and they are not particularly comfortable.

Spirit Airlines Lounges

Spirit Airlines does not have any lounges. The airline is a bare-bones carrier that provides a straight-forward service. One should be very careful to read their rules before purchasing tickets, because they follow them to a fault.


Spirit Airlines has its website at The airline has come a long way since its days as a Detroit trucking company. It has filled a gap in the market, and it knows it. Spirit Airlines receives more customer complaints than any other airline, but that should not come as a surprise. Their website has information about deals, including car and hotel deals—and one can book on their site, but that’s just about it. The best way to think of Spirit is to compare it to a city bus that you get on, are uncomfortable, and then you get off.


Cheap Spirit Airlines Flights & Online Bookings

Below are a historical prices of flight deals on Spirit Airlines from the USA to . Prices are a guide only and are subject to availability and conditions, additional charges may apply. For more deals try the booking engine

Los Angeles from $205* New York from $232* Las Vegas from $211* Chicago from $123*
Boston from $159* Atlanta from $150* Orlando from $77* Lima from $501*
San Juan from $173* Cancun from $209* Bogota from $278* La Guardia from $199*
Nassau from $200* Kingston from $279* Fort Lauderdale from $149* Tampa from $182*
Detroit from $179* Detroit Metro from $177* Montego Bay from $134* Medellin from $471*
Managua from $334* Myrtle Beach from $183* Washington National from $341* Punta Cana from $340*

Flight Route Origin Country Destination Country Distance
Las Vegas to Los Angeles United States United States 236 miles
Los Angeles to Chicago United States United States 1737 miles
New York to Chicago United States United States 730 miles
Las Vegas to Chicago United States United States 1508 miles
Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale United States United States 2333 miles
Dallas-fort Worth to Las Vegas United States United States 1051 miles
Las Vegas to San Diego United States United States 258 miles
Portland to Las Vegas United States United States 761 miles
New York to Fort Lauderdale United States United States 1075 miles
New York to Detroit United States United States 499 miles
Las Vegas to Detroit United States United States 1741 miles
Boston to Chicago United States United States 862 miles
New York to Myrtle Beach United States United States 562 miles
Oakland to Las Vegas United States United States 406 miles
Orlando to Chicago United States United States 1004 miles
Dallas-fort Worth to Chicago United States United States 800 miles
Chicago to Fort Lauderdale United States United States 1181 miles
Chicago to Detroit United States United States 233 miles

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