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Ryanair Flight Guide


Ryanair History

It was in the late 1990s that Europe began to deregulate the airline industry. As a result of this, the foundering Ryanair eventually implemented tactics that the company heads learned from the American business model of Southwest Airlines. These tactics renegotiated Ryanairís position in Europe to be one of budget air flight rather than traditional service.
Today, Ryanair is one of the largest airlines operating in Europe. It has 299 planes mostly of the Boeing 737 variety. In total, the airline services 179 different destinations. The fact that many of the airports it flies to are small and disregarded by other, more-established airlines, allowed Ryanair to use them free of charge, since it was bringing in tourists.

Ryanair Flights

Why fly Ryanair?

The main reason anyone would fly Ryanair is for the cost. Ryanair prices are so low that they are incentive enough. In some cases, flights can cost as low at 10 euros. This has dramatically changed the name of the game, and many people have decided that Ryanair is one of the best business models for airlines to follow.
However, detractors say that itís a shame that Ryanair has proved so popular. They say itís an aggressive, dishonest business model that pits third parties against each other. Now, Europe is home to a number of other low-cost airlines including EasyJet and Wizz Air. Many large airlines have subsidiaries in the budget market as well. Despite criticism of the way Ryanair has treated some passengers, it is after all the absolute cheapest way to get from A to B.

Ryanair Flight Destinations

The only country outside of Europe that Ryanair flies to is Morocco. Ryanair uses some main airports, but mostly its destinations are smaller airports perhaps further from the main city center, or in a small town away from the city altogether. The idea is that itís cheap to fly there and take a bus to get into the city than to fly directly to a city airport.
Ryanair is an Irish company. The airlineís hub is in Dublin. Other focal airports include London-Stansted, Milan-Bergamo, Alicante and Brussels-Charleroi. Almost every European nation is served by Ryanair. The only countries that do not receive Ryanair planes are Switzerland, Serbia, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Macedonia, Kosovo, Moldova, Ukraine, Turkey, Belarus and Albania. The countries that do receive Ryanair flights receive them in many cities, which are oftentimes secondary cities. There are also seasonal flights as the focus in recent years has been on tourist destinations.

On Board Ryanair

Ryanair has no Business Class. Thereís no reward program, and there are no lounges. Ryanair is a pure air carrier, period. The economy class is not very good. Ryanair is ranked as a 2-star airline, which small spaces and seats that donít recline to a great degree. The lights are annoying, and there are no free offerings. Everything except the bathroom is available for purchase. The powers that be had once decided to charge even for that, but Europe shot them down, so to speak.


Ryanairís website can be found at Here one can find all the latest deals, which look unreal to the uninitiated eyes. One can book, track their flight, and peruse information about how to get from the airport into the nearest city. Everything on the website is purely promotional, because Ryanair makes deals with many third parties in order to offset the costs of charging so little for flights. There is no information about the planes or the seating.


Cheap Ryanair Flights & Online Bookings

Below are a historical prices of flight deals on Ryanair from the USA to . Prices are a guide only and are subject to availability and conditions, additional charges may apply. For more deals try the booking engine

London from $37* Paris from $45* Dublin from $45* Rome from $62*
Barcelona from $49* Berlin from $57* Madrid from $52* Venice from $88*
Milan from $39* Malta from $134* Glasgow from $113* Stockholm from $33*
Marrakech from $105* Malaga from $78* Shannon (Limerick) from $81* Cork from $62*
Palma de Mallorca from $78* London Stansted from $98* Porto from $99* Alicante from $123*
Bari from $45* Verona from $149* Sevilla from $110* Bratislava from $108*
London Luton from $58*

Flight Route Origin Country Destination Country Distance
London Luton to Dublin United Kingdom Ireland 269 miles
London Gatwick to Dublin United Kingdom Ireland 300 miles
London Stansted to Dublin United Kingdom Ireland 292 miles
Dublin to London Ireland United Kingdom 300 miles
Dublin to London Ireland United Kingdom 269 miles
London Stansted to Barcelona United Kingdom Spain 735 miles
London Stansted to Berlin United Kingdom Germany 563 miles
London Gatwick to Madrid United Kingdom Spain 752 miles
London Stansted to Madrid United Kingdom Spain 806 miles
Dublin to Barcelona Ireland Spain 921 miles
London Luton to Malta United Kingdom Malta 1322 miles
Dublin to Berlin Ireland Germany 824 miles
Manchester to Dublin United Kingdom Ireland 164 miles
Dublin to Madrid Ireland Spain 900 miles
London Stansted to Krakow United Kingdom Poland 855 miles
London Stansted to Malaga United Kingdom Spain 1074 miles
Shannon to London Ireland United Kingdom 386 miles
Shannon to London Ireland United Kingdom 390 miles
London Gatwick to Shannon United Kingdom Ireland 386 miles
London Stansted to Shannon United Kingdom Ireland 390 miles
London Stansted to Cork United Kingdom Ireland 371 miles
London Gatwick to Cork United Kingdom Ireland 359 miles
Cork to London Ireland United Kingdom 371 miles
London Stansted to Riga United Kingdom Latvia 1008 miles
London Stansted to Pisa United Kingdom Italy 734 miles
London Stansted to Vilnius United Kingdom Lithuania 1044 miles
London Stansted to Palma de Mallorca United Kingdom Spain 858 miles
London Stansted to Thessaloniki United Kingdom Greece 1329 miles
London Stansted to Marseille United Kingdom France 626 miles
London Stansted to Palermo United Kingdom Italy 1130 miles
London Stansted to Salzburg United Kingdom Austria 633 miles
London Stansted to Valencia United Kingdom Spain 855 miles

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