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Frontier Airlines Flight Guide

Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines History

Frontier Airlines was founded in 1994. It’s an American airline that has its main hub at Denver International Airport in Colorado. Denver sits snug up against the Rocky Mountains to the west, and to the east the vast Midwest plains begin. The name “Frontier” is very apt.
The airline operates 56 planes to 77 destinations. Mostly, routes within the United States are served, but some regular and seasonal routes to other countries have also been established.

Frontier Airlines Flights

Why fly Frontier Airlines?

Frontier Airlines is not a member of any of the big global alliances, but it does have a number of perks available. The main incentive to fly with Frontier Airlines is its EarlyReturns frequent flyer program. This loyalty program functions along the same basic lines as other programs that reward their members. One flies with Frontier Airlines, gains miles in conjunction with the ticket price and distance flown, and once enough miles have been accumulated, they can be redeemed for free tickets.

Frontier Airlines Flight Destinations

As has been mentioned already, Frontier Airlines serves mainly a domestic clientele. Their planes fly to over 37 continental US states. The states with the highest number of airports served are California, North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Ohio, Texas, Tennessee and Washington. In addition, Frontier Airlines planes fly to several cities in Mexico, Costa Rica, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. These latter foreign destinations are almost all seasonal routes established for American vacationers.
The airline does not have any big alliances, but it does have a codeshare agreement with Great Lakes Airlines. Through this airline, passengers can board smaller aircraft that fly to smaller airports throughout the Rocky Mountain States and the Southwest.

On Board Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines has a comfortable Economy Class. There is no Business Class aboard Frontier Airlines planes because it is a low-cost airline in the purest sense of the words. The offerings are slim, but the economy seats are at least divided into a number of different configurations that provide passengers with slightly more room. For example, there are Select seats and Stretch seats, which both offer additional options against the Standard seats. The Stretch seats are closer to the front in most cases, and offer an additional 6 inches of legroom. The special perks of reserving these seats are limited to the physical room that they afford. Those rewards program members with higher mileage can get free Select and Stretch seating when they book their ticket. All snacks and drinks are buy-on-board.

Business Class Flights

As has been mentioned already, there is no Business Class aboard Frontier Airlines flights.

Frontier Airlines Lounges

Frontier Airlines, as a low-cost budget airline, has no lounges to offer its passengers. Those who fly with Frontier Airlines are interested in a basic service that gets them from A to B, and Frontier Airlines provides just that. They do not complicate the matter with additional incentives.


What they do instead of physical incentives is to offer intangible deals on airfares. Their website is located here: There is an entire “special deals” section dedicated to such deals, and they can run as low as 20 dollars a ticket. It is necessary to sign up for e-mail alerts in order to receive one-time offers when they’re available. Often, these deals expire after a very short time period, and one must be careful to read the fine-print to find out when the tickets are for.


Cheap Frontier Airlines Flights & Online Bookings

Below are a historical prices of flight deals on Frontier Airlines from the USA to . Prices are a guide only and are subject to availability and conditions, additional charges may apply. For more deals try the booking engine

Los Angeles from $111* New York from $139* Las Vegas from $107* San Francisco from $150*
Seattle from $167* Chicago from $158* Boston from $220* Atlanta from $194*
Houston from $173* Orlando from $210* Denver from $94* Dallas Fort Worth from $182*
Phoenix from $104* San Diego from $122* Portland from $134* Philadelphia from $236*

Flight Route Origin Country Destination Country Distance
Los Angeles to Denver United States United States 859 miles
New York to Denver United States United States 1612 miles
Las Vegas to Denver United States United States 626 miles
Kansas City to Los Angeles United States United States 1358 miles
San Francisco to Denver United States United States 963 miles
Kansas City to New York United States United States 1102 miles
Kansas City to Las Vegas United States United States 1134 miles
Seattle to Denver United States United States 1020 miles
Denver to Boston United States United States 1746 miles
Denver to Atlanta United States United States 1195 miles
San Francisco to Kansas City United States United States 1492 miles
Houston to Denver United States United States 882 miles
Orlando to Denver United States United States 1542 miles
Denver to Dallas-fort Worth United States United States 640 miles
Phoenix to Denver United States United States 600 miles
San Diego to Denver United States United States 850 miles
Kansas City to Seattle United States United States 1483 miles
Portland to Denver United States United States 987 miles

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