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Emirates Flight Guide


Emirates History

Emirates’ history begins where Gulf Air made a mistake. They decided not to fly as much to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. To fill in the gap left by Gulf Air, Emirates was conceived by the government of the country in 1985. It is to this day owned entirely by the royal family investment group. It is surprising that in such a short amount of time it has risen to become not only the largest carrier in the entirety of the Middle East, but one of the top five international carriers in the world.
Emirates has 211 planes that fly to over 160 different locations. It operates four of the longest-haul flights on earth. Its hub is at Dubai International Airport, and the company is also headquartered in that city. Emirates is a subsidiary of the Emirates Group, but it also supports a number of subsidiaries itself, including Emirates Tours, Congress Solutions International, Arabian Adventures and Emirates Holidays.

Emirates Flights

Why fly Emirates?

The airline is a consistent winner of awards of excellence, and during its lifespan it has not seen a year of lost revenue. It is respected among the flying world as a company that prides itself on that excellence, with its ruthless attention to safety procedures and innovative approach to customer support.
Emirates has a frequent-flyer program called Skywards. It is divided into four categories. Those categories are Blue, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The more one flies in a higher class, the more miles they earn. These miles can in turn be redeemed for seat upgrades, ticket purchases, merchandise and other special offers. The program is shared by Virgin America. Those who fly Virgin will therefore profit from the miles gained, which can be used toward Emirates purchases.

Emirates Flight Destinations

Emirates is growing exponentially. Already they provide service to major economic hubs in Canada and the US. They fly to Argentina and Brazil as well. From their nearby hub in Dubai, Emirates flies to a host of African nations. Among some of the main cities served by Emirates planes are Dakar, Lagos, Abidjan, Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Khartoum, Nairobi, Mauritius, Seychelles, Dar Es Salaam, Tripoli, Casablanca, Algiers and Cairo, among others. Most Western European nations receive flights from Emirates. Emirates also flies to Sweden, Russia, Turkey, Greece, Poland and Cyprus. In addition, there is extensive service to locations in Pakistan and India, and in Southeast Asia, China and Japan.
Through Emirates’ subsidiaries, many smaller destinations are accessible in addition to the ones mentioned above. Emirates also has codeshare agreements with a dozen airlines so that passengers can connect flights in one booking. Some of these airlines include Air Malta, Korean Air, Thai Airways International, Oman Air and TAP Portugal.
Emirates is not a part of any alliances because it wishes to be independent in its decisions concerning the market.

On Board Emirates

Aboard an Emirates flight, one will be pleasantly surprised to find that nothing is spared to give economy class passengers a standard of luxury that surpasses many of its competitors. New A380 Airbus planes have come into service and offer passengers a range of options traditionally available only to the higher class seats. These include a comprehensive in-flight entertainment system with hundreds of channels to choose from, headrests that can be adjusted, and the very welcome power outlets to charge computers and other electrical devices. On the newer fights, seats recline more than the standard economy chair.
Emirates was the first to install televisions on the backs of headrests, and remains a pioneer in that it now offers that previously-mentioned entertainment system of 1000 channels to all passengers. Complimentary beverages and meals are also available.

Business Class Flights

An Emirates Business Class resembles the First Class aboard many of the competitor aircraft. Business Class seats aboard Emirates planes can recline to a flat position at an angle. There are energy supplies for charging devices, the ICE in-flight entertainment system with its thousands of music, video games and movie options, and a wealth of other programs all streaming across a larger 17 inch screen. On newer, wider planes, the seats are fully reclined into a flat bed position. In addition, there is an open bar for Business Class passengers in the rear of the aircraft.
Emirates also has one of the most comprehensive selections of First Class seating. Given that it flies some of the longest non-stop flights in the world, one could expect as much. The first option is regular first class sleeper seats. Then there is the flat bed Skycruiser seat. And finally, one can reserve a full suite that comes with doors. The latter option comes with a minibar and extra stowing space. Some aircraft even have a spa, and showers on offer for First-Class suite passengers.

Emirates Lounges

The lounges that Emirates operates can be found in some 30 different city airports. These lounges are reserved for passengers that have Business or First-Class tickets, and for the Skywards Gold members. In these lounges, one will find complimentary food and drink, dedicated bathrooms with shower, and entertainment options.


The airline’s website can be found at Since it is not in an alliance with any other airline, it is especially necessary to register where one can at the website in order to receive news and updates on flights. Special deals can also be found there, categorized by passenger type.


Cheap Emirates Flights & Online Bookings

Below are a historical prices of flight deals on Emirates from the USA to Dubai, London, Paris. Prices are a guide only and are subject to availability and conditions, additional charges may apply. For more deals try the booking engine

Sydney from $286* Los Angeles from $1241* Manila from $756* Kuala Lumpur from $581*
Bangkok from $724* New York from $1423* Melbourne from $495* Brisbane from $1228*
London from $731* Dubai from $176* San Francisco from $1072* Singapore from $474*
Perth from $1062* Paris from $536* Rome from $743* London Heathrow from $630*
Bali from $1336* Frankfurt from $552* Cairo from $561* Amsterdam from $659*
Delhi from $341* New York JFK from $988* Colombo from $701* Houston from $1369*
Istanbul from $725*

Flight Route Origin Country Destination Country Distance
Sydney to Bangkok Australia Thailand 4659 miles
Sydney to Dubai Australia United Arab Emirates 7467 miles
Los Angeles to Dubai United States United Arab Emirates 8308 miles
Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur Australia Malaysia 3915 miles
New York to Dubai United States United Arab Emirates 6821 miles
Melbourne to Dubai Australia United Arab Emirates 7220 miles
Sydney to Auckland Australia New Zealand 1339 miles
Melbourne to Singapore Australia Singapore 3740 miles
Brisbane to Dubai Australia United Arab Emirates 7427 miles
London Gatwick to Dubai United Kingdom United Arab Emirates 3393 miles
London Heathrow to Dubai United Kingdom United Arab Emirates 3409 miles
Singapore to Brisbane Singapore Australia 3808 miles
San Francisco to Dubai United States United Arab Emirates 8072 miles
Singapore to Dubai Singapore United Arab Emirates 3625 miles
Perth to Dubai Australia United Arab Emirates 5606 miles
Christchurch to Sydney New Zealand Australia 1318 miles
Dublin to Dubai Ireland United Arab Emirates 3669 miles
Auckland to Melbourne New Zealand Australia 1635 miles
Hong Kong to Bangkok Hong Kong Thailand 1047 miles
Auckland to Brisbane New Zealand Australia 1423 miles
Singapore to Colombo Singapore Sri Lanka 1705 miles
Manchester to Dubai United Kingdom United Arab Emirates 3506 miles
Hong Kong to Dubai Hong Kong United Arab Emirates 3670 miles
Toronto to Dubai Canada United Arab Emirates 6871 miles
Glasgow to Dubai United Kingdom United Arab Emirates 3621 miles
Newcastle to Dubai United Kingdom United Arab Emirates 3505 miles
Birmingham to Dubai United Kingdom United Arab Emirates 3474 miles
Houston to Dubai United States United Arab Emirates 8137 miles

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