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Cathay Pacific Flight Guide

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific History

Cathay Pacific is the main airline based out of Hong Kong, China. It offers passenger and cargo services that comprise 133 aircraft and 112 distinct airport destinations. The airline is part of the Oneworld Alliance, and has been in existence since its founding by an American and Australian in 1946. Although Cathay Pacific is known for its 5-star service, it is also inextricably linked to its reputation as the world’s largest cargo plane operator.
But the 5-star rating for its passenger service is true, and Cathay Pacific has championed quality over cost-cutting the little things, resulting in an in-flight experience that rivals most other airlines in the world. It is also the flag carrier of Hong Kong, and carries that cosmopolitan city’s charm with it wherever they fly.

Cathay Pacific Flights

Why fly Cathay Pacific?

As stated above, Cathay Pacific is representative of an airline that goes beyond the norm in order ensure a comfortable and fully satisfactory experience. Cathay Pacific is also known for having completed a number of feats in aviation history, including being the first airline to operate a non-stop flight across a polar region. Something about that proves an attractive reason to fly with them.
But the more practical reason one would choose to fly with Cathay Pacific has to do with their loyalty programs. Cathay Pacific divides the frequent flyer program into two distinct parts. The first is the Marco Polo Club, which ranks its members based on miles flown, classes reserved and fares paid. The levels are Green, Silver, Gold and Diamond. Members have minimum requisites just like any miles program. Rewards include perks at the airport check-in, guaranteed seating, more luggage and access to the airport lounges.
Members are automatically enrolled in the Asia Miles program, which is the parallel program that unlike the latter is free. All passengers are eligible to enroll in Asia Miles. In this program, members gain miles in order to redeem them for free tickets, upgrades and more. In fact, Cathay Pacific loyalty programs have been rated the best in the world for their wide-ranging perks. Not only can miles be used towards flights, but one can use them for car rentals, telecoms, online shopping, dining options, financial options and more.

Cathay Pacific Flight Destinations

Cathay Pacific flies to all the Southeast Asian countries excluding Laos. They fly to many domestic locations within China. They provide service to India, Pakistan, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Russia, South Africa, the US, Canada and most of the capital cities in Western Europe.
Cathay Pacific also has codeshare agreements with many other airlines. These agreements allow customers of Cathay Pacific to book flights through Cathay Pacific and multiple other airlines, all on the same ticket. Some of the airlines that have such codeshare agreements with Cathay Pacific include but are not limited to LAN Airlines, Air China, British Airways, WestJet, Vietnam Airlines, Air New Zealand, American Airlines, S7 Airlines, Japan Airlines and Comair.
Cathay Pacific also operates a number of flourishing subsidiary airline companies. These are Air Hong Kong and Dragonair. Dragonair is the budget option that can connect passengers with many small destinations in the region.

On Board Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific offers succinct economy class options that have garnered the airline various awards and recognition of excellence. Their seats boast 2 additional inches of recline in comparison to other economy-class seating. The innovative design of the curved-back seats allows more legroom for when the person in front has adjusted their seat into a reclined position.
There is an in-flight entertainment system embedded in the back of the headrests. These utilize the AVOD system, providing customers with a massive and varied selection of movies, shows and games to choose from. They offer classic films, but also brand new releases as well.
As per the meal options, on all long-haul flights there are several warm meals provided, in addition to drinks, all complimentary. Cathay Pacific is one of the only airlines that offers free alcoholic beverages in their economy class.
Finally, one can choose to upgrade to Premium Economy class if they so choose. These seats are separate from the standard economy seating. They are larger, and passengers who opt for these will receive complimentary travel kits with dental hygiene products included.

Business Class Flights

Business Class seating has recently been the target of criticism for the airlines’ decision to install constrictive walls between the seats. New seats are now in development and should allay the disapproval once and for all. Business Class passengers get preferential attention, on-demand meal options, much more space than economy premium and a selection of drinks that is inexhaustible.
The First Class seats offer yet more privacy, in addition to the option to adjust the seat into a fully-reclined flat bed. The entertainment system is the same as that found in economy, which is comprehensive enough for any taste, while these seats come with personal televisions that measure 17 inches along the diagonal. Meals are on-demand of course, and are served with high-quality silverware and china.

Cathay Pacific Lounges

Cathay Pacific operates a number of lounges around the world, each with a different name in order to make an impression on those members who decide to use them. These come with complimentary snacks, drinks and buffets. There are comfortable chairs to utilize, a fully-stocked bar, internet and preferential treatment.


Cathay Pacific’s website is It is here that one can delve deeper in order to understand all the perks tied to their award-winning awards program.


Cheap Cathay Pacific Flights & Online Bookings

Below are a historical prices of flight deals on Cathay Pacific from the USA to Hong Kong, Beijing, China. Prices are a guide only and are subject to availability and conditions, additional charges may apply. For more deals try the booking engine

Sydney from $1300* Los Angeles from $1334* Manila from $453* Kuala Lumpur from $665*
Bangkok from $384* New York from $3023* Las Vegas from $1641* Melbourne from $1965*
Brisbane from $1455* London from $1040* Dubai from $852* San Francisco from $1539*
Singapore from $535* Perth from $940* Vancouver from $2169* Paris from $1200*
Rome from $1474* Bali from $833* Frankfurt from $995* Amsterdam from $894*
Delhi from $872* Colombo from $906* Mumbai from $854* Kathmandu from $1277*
Tokyo from $611*

Flight Route Origin Country Destination Country Distance
Singapore to Bangkok Singapore Thailand 878 miles
Vancouver to New York Canada United States 2437 miles
Sydney to Hong Kong Australia Hong Kong 4584 miles
Los Angeles to Hong Kong United States Hong Kong 7232 miles
Hong Kong to Manila Hong Kong Philippines 710 miles
Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur Hong Kong Malaysia 1577 miles
Hong Kong to Bangkok Hong Kong Thailand 1047 miles
New York to Hong Kong United States Hong Kong 8042 miles
Melbourne to Hong Kong Australia Hong Kong 4596 miles
Singapore to Colombo Singapore Sri Lanka 1705 miles
Hong Kong to Brisbane Hong Kong Australia 4308 miles
Hong Kong to London Hong Kong United Kingdom 5971 miles
Hong Kong to Dubai Hong Kong United Arab Emirates 3670 miles
San Francisco to Hong Kong United States Hong Kong 6899 miles
Singapore to Hong Kong Singapore Hong Kong 1591 miles
Perth to Hong Kong Australia Hong Kong 3742 miles
Vancouver to Hong Kong Canada Hong Kong 6367 miles
Cairns to Brisbane Australia Australia 862 miles
Hong Kong to Paris Hong Kong France 5946 miles
Chicago to Hong Kong United States Hong Kong 7764 miles
Hong Kong to Rome Hong Kong Italy 5755 miles
Hong Kong to Bali Hong Kong Indonesia 2143 miles

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