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British Airways Flight Guide

British Airways

British Airways History

Although not the largest carrier in the UK (Britain, Northern Ireland) by number of passengers served, British Airways is the most recognizable national carrier in England and beats rival EasyJet in terms of number of planes and international destinations.
In 1972 the company consisted of four autonomous services that were run by the government. These were later combined to form what is today British Airways. However, it wasn’t until 1987 that the company finally privatized and its customer based blossomed with new initiatives aimed at growth. Today the airline boasts 270 mainline aircraft, and through international deals with other airlines, its principle list of 169 destinations grows into many more through such codeshares and subsidiaries. The airline has its main hub at Heathrow International Airport, which is the largest airport in the world for international traffic.

British Airways Flights

Why fly British Airways?

British Airways prides itself on the way its treats its customers, with typical British hospitality that its passengers appreciate. British Airways flights are well-maintained and have a proven track record of safety thanks to its rigorous testing of its pilots.
British Airways is part of the Oneworld alliance, connecting the airline to partners and therefore allowing patrons to reserve connecting flights through British Airways itself, and in many cases to gain through its programs despite not flying on British Airways-flagged aircraft.
The frequent flyer program that British Airways offers its customers is called the Executive Club. The perks include access to the company’s exclusive lounges and a quicker check-in procedure. Like all other programs of this kind, one can fly and accumulate miles in order to put them toward purchasing additional flights, upgrading seating arrangements or helping with third party rental agreements. This functions through a unique currency that the company calls “avios”, which is equivalent to “miles”. Redeeming these is of course one of the most rewarding aspects of flying with British Airways.

British Airways Flight Destinations

In 2011 British Airways merged with the Spanish carrier Iberia, thus extending its international reach. British Airways flies to all Western European nations and many eastern European capitals as well. In addition, they fly to the caucuses, Russia, Kazakhstan, India, Thailand, Japan, China, Turkey, Australia and Saudi Arabia. Most northern African nations are also served, as are several countries in West Africa including Nigeria, and half a dozen sub-Saharan African nations. There is also mainline service to Brazil and Argentina, and a host of islands in the Caribbean.
Through the codeshare agreements and partnerships that British Airways holds, passengers can arrive to many more destinations in addition to those mentioned above. Among the airlines that have entered into agreements with British Airways are Qantas, American Airlines, Aer Lingus, Japan Airlines, JetBlue, Malaysia Airlines, S7 Airlines, Finnair, LAN and more.

On Board British Airways

One will find that those flights that fly into the hub airport of Gatwick, also located in London, consist of a single seating arrangement, while those flights with service into Heathrow offer several options. UK Domestic class exists aboard the national craft with schedules to destinations within the UK. These are standard economy-class cabins with drop-down televisions and 6 seats per row. The seats are comfortable, outdoing the EasyJet budget airline. Various services are offered including complimentary food and drink, and complimentary media for in-flight entertainment. These services depend on the destination, increasing in services from UK Domestic to Euro Traveller and finally to World Traveller. World Traveller Plus is an optional seat upgrade in economy class on some international flights.

Business Class Flights

British Airlines offers various kinds of business class seating depending on the flight destination. Club Europe business class is for flights within Europe, Club World class is for other international flights and the specific Club World London City is offered between London and NY. These business class options offer a comfortable alternative to flying in coach, with perks that include access to the comprehensive set of British Airways and codeshares lounges, complimentary meal and drink services, advanced in-flight entertainment options and ample space to work.
Besides these Business Class offerings, there is also a First Class seating arrangement for certain international flights. These are not seats but private suites, and are of course even more spacious than the latter, and the meals on offer create for passengers a veritable experience of fine dining. The suites come with a mattress and bed, a personal entertainment system and exclusive service catered to the individual.

British Airways Lounges

British Airways has an intricate network of executive lounges that cater to those passengers who fly Business or First Class. There are some 60 lounges throughout the world that are dedicated British Airways locales, while members have access to a further 90 lounges through partnerships with other airlines.
The lounges are organized by class. The Business Lounges offer complimentary food and drink, a relaxing atmosphere with comfortable chairs and entertainment options to wear away the hours, and quality individualized service. The First lounges are for those clients traveling in First Class, who also have access to the Elemis Spa in London and NY.


British Airways has a website that exists in several languages, and in addition to the UK homepage there is a dedicated US homepage as well. One-time offers appear on the website at, and subscribing to the British Airways e-mail alerts is also advisable. In addition to the basic services of booking, checking-in, redeeming avios, etc, there are dedicated articles, destination guides and more.


Cheap British Airways Flights & Online Bookings

Below are a historical prices of flight deals on British Airways from the USA to London, Manchester, Birmingham. Prices are a guide only and are subject to availability and conditions, additional charges may apply. For more deals try the booking engine

Sydney from $975* Los Angeles from $511* Bangkok from $1106* New York from $402*
Las Vegas from $915* Melbourne from $1010* Brisbane from $1067* London from $152*
Dubai from $647* Miami from $544* San Francisco from $643* Singapore from $749*
Perth from $913* Vancouver from $568* Paris from $119* Honolulu from $1208*
Dublin from $320* Seattle from $659* Chicago from $553* Rome from $1035*
London Heathrow from $161* Frankfurt from $247* Cairo from $439* Boston from $482*
Amsterdam from $188*

Flight Route Origin Country Destination Country Distance
Sydney to Bangkok Australia Thailand 4659 miles
London Heathrow to Los Angeles United Kingdom United States 5431 miles
Singapore to Sydney Singapore Australia 3902 miles
London Heathrow to Bangkok United Kingdom Thailand 5938 miles
London Heathrow to New York United Kingdom United States 3434 miles
New York to London United States United Kingdom 3455 miles
New York to London United States United Kingdom 3434 miles
London Heathrow to Las Vegas United Kingdom United States 5205 miles
London Heathrow to Dubai United Kingdom United Arab Emirates 3409 miles
Miami to London United States United Kingdom 4407 miles
London Heathrow to San Francisco United Kingdom United States 5342 miles
London Heathrow to Singapore United Kingdom Singapore 6748 miles
London Heathrow to Vancouver United Kingdom Canada 4698 miles
London Heathrow to Paris United Kingdom France 216 miles
London Heathrow to Paris United Kingdom France 227 miles
London Heathrow to Seattle United Kingdom United States 4775 miles
London Heathrow to Chicago United Kingdom United States 3933 miles
London Gatwick to Rome United Kingdom Italy 872 miles
London Heathrow to Rome United Kingdom Italy 896 miles
London Heathrow to Frankfurt United Kingdom Germany 405 miles
London Heathrow to Cairo United Kingdom Egypt 2190 miles
Boston to London United States United Kingdom 3248 miles
London Heathrow to Amsterdam United Kingdom Netherlands 230 miles
London Gatwick to Amsterdam United Kingdom Netherlands 226 miles
London Heathrow to Barcelona United Kingdom Spain 712 miles

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