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Alitalia Flight Guide


Alitalia History

In recent years Alitalia has seen some bumpy roads; it was created only in 2008 from two failing airlines, and today it has recently received funding meant to save it from further financial turmoil. Despite these issues, Alitalia remains a stalwart airline that has carved a name for itself into the psyche of international travelers.
Its fleet consists of 130 planes from both Boeing and Airbus, and also Embraer aircraft with regional service. It flies to a total of 97 destinations. Alitalia has its main hub at the Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport in Rome. A number of other Italian cities host lesser hubs of the airlines, including Turin, Milan and Tirana. And despite its rough history, the airline is ranked 19th largest in the world.

Alitalia Flights

Why fly Alitalia?

Alitalia is the principal flag carrier of one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Italy. It is a modern airline that seeks to serve its passengers with the class and style that Italy is otherwise known for. Recently it has had a huge investment to help it get back on its feet, which has resulted in the renovation of its fleet, making it one of the youngest around.
Alitalia is part of the SkyTeam alliance, which includes the large airlines Delta, Air France and KLM, among others. The perks that can be enjoyed via flights on those airlines can also be enjoyed with Alitalia, and visa-versa. The frequent flyer program with Alitalia is called MilleMiglia. The more one flies, the more miles one accumulates. These miles can in turn be redeemed for free tickets, seat upgrades, car rentals, hotel stays and more. The program is applied across partner airlines so that miles can be spent to purchase flights on other SkyTeam member routes.

Alitalia Flight Destinations

Alitalia flies to some 44 countries on 5 continents. In Latin America, Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina are served. Alitalia flights also serve a number of West African nations, Morocco, Libya and Egypt. They also fly to Iran, Israel, Kuwait, Jordan, Turkey and Cyprus. China, Japan and Russia also receive Alitalia flights. Many countries in Europe receive Alitalia planes as well, including most Western European nations, and many Eastern European countries. Alitalia also flies to the US and Canada.

On Board Alitalia

Alitalia’s economy class is called “Classica”. As has been mentioned, Alitalia sports a rather new fleet. On these newer planes, the economy class comes with personal entertainment systems, a telephone that one can use to call out or to call a specific seat on the flight, and more. The seats are comfortable, and the service is good. True to the Italian flare for cuisine, the delicious meals on offer for long-haul flights include a selection of pasta dishes or meat & vegetables. Complimentary snacks and drinks are also available, and alcohol can be purchased.
For those passengers who prefer a bit more space but don’t want to dish out the money for Business Class, then the Classica Plus is the next best option. This premium economy options comes with the added bonuses of more space, priority boarding, a couple of special amenities kits, upgraded meal options and seats in a separate cabin.

Business Class Flights

The Business Class aboard Alitalia is called Ottima. Passengers who are flying with Alitalia in Business Class get to enjoy a number of perks along with their tickets. These include automatic access to the lounges, special service with a dedicated desk at check-in and a doubled carry-on allowance. The seats are greatly expanded in order to give all the more comfort. Each seat is made of fine leather, sharing the row with just three others. The meals are exquisite, reflecting the culinary traditions of the country by shifting with the seasons. In the summer one might be exposed to delicious salads and light pasta dishes, while winter brings in heavier options and ample portions of bread, cheese and wine. The latter wines are stocked to meet the expectations of passengers; some of the best vineyards are represented on Alitalia flights.
Finally, the Magnifica class is an upgraded Business Class that is available on all long-haul flights. In addition to the perks of the Business Class mentioned above, Magnifica passengers get seats that recline to a full 180 degree position, flat, with a system of massages to boot. The amenity kit is compiled by experts to give the best products for passengers’ needs. The meals are served in several courses and are on-demand, while each one is prepared and presented with the highest quality silverware, china and glass.

Alitalia Lounges

Alitalia Lounges are not only available to Business Class passengers and high-rated members of the frequent flyer program, but to anyone who decides to spend the money for a single-entry ticket. Each of Alitalia’s lounges, located in a number of cities, include TVs, comfortable couches under carefully-selected lighting, newspapers, a bar, Wi-Fi and work areas. At the main hub in Rome, the “Dolce Vita” lounge provides superb services that complement the above-mentioned. The main lounge in NY offers showers. For those airports that do not have an Alitalia lounge, those lounges of other SkyTeam members can be accessed.


The main website of Alitalia can be found at in dozens of languages. The website has deals on flights, account summaries for reward program earnings, booking and check-in options, app downloads and more.


Cheap Alitalia Flights & Online Bookings

Below are a historical prices of flight deals on Alitalia from the USA to Italy, Rome, Venice. Prices are a guide only and are subject to availability and conditions, additional charges may apply. For more deals try the booking engine

Los Angeles from $689* Bangkok from $829* New York from $650* London from $240*
Dubai from $413* Miami from $702* Singapore from $884* Perth from $2268*
Paris from $123* Dublin from $2531* Chicago from $1231* Rome from $103*
Frankfurt from $159* Cairo from $320* Boston from $671* Amsterdam from $214*
Barcelona from $203* Atlanta from $648* Istanbul from $211* Athens from $180*
Tokyo from $1038* Beijing from $1126* Manchester from $1842* Tel Aviv from $656*
Brussels from $152*

Flight Route Origin Country Destination Country Distance
New York to Rome United States Italy 4257 miles
London Heathrow to Rome United Kingdom Italy 896 miles
Miami to Rome United States Italy 5165 miles
New York to Milano United States Italy 3976 miles
Boston to Rome United States Italy 4073 miles
London Heathrow to Milan United Kingdom Italy 608 miles
Newark to Rome United States Italy 4272 miles
Miami to Milano United States Italy 4910 miles
Toronto to Rome Canada Italy 4393 miles

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