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AirTran Flight Guide


AirTran Airways

AirTran Flights

AirTran Airways History

AirTran Airways is an American carrier that has its main hub at Jackson Atlanta International Airport. It was founded in the early 1990s and has since then provided flights within the domestic United States. Currently the airline has 123 aircraft and 42 destinations.
Today, having failed in a number of attempts to acquire the necessary slots and carry out the necessary mergers in order to stay competitive, AirTran Airways is a subsidiary company of former competitor Southwest Airlines. Though it currently still operates under the AirTrans colors, it is currently being fully integrated into the latter parent company.

Why fly AirTran Airways?

AirTran Airways operates a number of aircraft that are not traditionally used by the larger carriers. Among these are the Boeing 717 and the 737. It is expected that as the company becomes Southwest, these planes will slowly be replaced with new, modern aircraft.
The rewards program that AirTran Airways offers its customers is called A+ Rewards. This frequent flyer program functions much the same as other programs do. One must fly in order to gain miles, and with these accumulated miles one can get a free seat upgrade or a flight ticket. More miles garner a higher tier of membership, and likewise greater benefits. The other way to gain miles besides flying is renting cars through the company Hertz.

AirTran Airways Flight Destinations

AirTran Airways flies to 42 distinct cities in the United States. The main cities that receive AirTran Airways planes are Orlando, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Fort Meyers, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, DC Reagan, Pittsburgh and Akron. AirTran Airways has a codeshare agreement with Southwest Airline, but eventually these airlines will be one and the same under Southwest’s livery.

On Board AirTran Airways

The economy class on AirTran Airways had one of the first Wi-Fi internet options of any airline in the country. Today, economy class continues to receive this paid perk. There is also an in-flight magazine called Spirit to pass the time. The seats are standard and comfortable, and complimentary snacks and drinks are offered on every route. The flight attendants are helpful and conservative.
There is no economy plus option on AirTran Airways flights. Southwest Airlines is a low-cost flyer, and it is unlikely that such cabin classes will be added.

Business Class Flights

Business Class aboard AirTran Airways flights do not have a dedicated cabin, but instead are located at the front of the economy seats. These are large, with extra legroom and more space at the haunches. Business Class passengers also receive complimentary alcoholic drinks, where economy class passengers must pay for the luxury. When Southwest completes its takeover, Business Class will not be offered.

AirTran Airways Lounges

AirTran Airways does not have any airport lounges. Southwest Airlines also does not offer airport lounges. Southwest, being the largest budget airline on the planet, focuses its resources on cost-cutting in order to offer a basic service to the consumer base.


AirTran Airways has its website at It is an outdated website that has all the basic information concerning flights, airports, tickets, the rewards program and more. The website has regular hotel and vacation deals under its “featured offer”. There is also a news feed with the latest developments, which currently concern the merger with Southwest.


Cheap AirTran Flights & Online Bookings

Below are a historical prices of flight deals on AirTran from the USA to Atlanta, Chicago, Boston. Prices are a guide only and are subject to availability and conditions, additional charges may apply. For more deals try the booking engine

Los Angeles from $185* New York from $158* Las Vegas from $222* Miami from $159*
San Francisco from $192* Seattle from $179* Chicago from $143* Boston from $78*
Atlanta from $88* Houston from $155* Orlando from $120* Denver from $169*
Dallas Fort Worth from $141* Phoenix from $206* San Diego from $246* San Juan from $125*
Philadelphia from $132* Cancun from $279*

Flight Route Origin Country Destination Country Distance
Los Angeles to Atlanta United States United States 1938 miles
New York to Atlanta United States United States 759 miles
Las Vegas to Atlanta United States United States 1739 miles
Orlando to New York United States United States 949 miles
Los Angeles to Milwaukee United States United States 1749 miles
San Francisco to Atlanta United States United States 2130 miles
New York to Milwaukee United States United States 734 miles
Milwaukee to Las Vegas United States United States 1517 miles
New York to Akron United States United States 395 miles
Newport News to New York United States United States 288 miles
Boston to Atlanta United States United States 943 miles
Houston to Atlanta United States United States 693 miles
Orlando to Boston United States United States 1120 miles
Miami to Baltimore United States United States 946 miles
Orlando to Atlanta United States United States 403 miles
Denver to Atlanta United States United States 1195 miles
Phoenix to Atlanta United States United States 1580 miles
San Francisco to Milwaukee United States United States 1837 miles

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