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Air China Flight Guide

Air China

Air China’s History

Air China is the major Chinese airline of six that were created from the central, massive national company, Civil Aviation Administration of China. That was in 1988. Today Air China has risen above its fellow Chinese airlines to become the largest, and the main flag carrier airline of the world’s most populated country. With 299 planes and 185 destinations, Air China counts among the biggest airlines in the world.
Air China is based out of the capital city, Beijing. The airline’s main hub is therefore Beijing Capital International Airport. It also has as hubs the international airports of Chengdu and Shanghai. What’s more, there are 8 cities that count among the sub-hub “focus” cities, wherein the airline runs significant operations.
Over the years, as China’s growth has skyrocketed into the twenty-first century, so have its airlines. Air China is a reflection of that swift rise to economic stardom, mirroring the successes of other airlines and in most cases catching up and surpassing them.

Air China Flights

Why fly Air China?

Air China is the best-ranked Chinese airline. They have experience flying over 70 million passengers per year, and that number continues to grow unabated. In addition, the 185 mainline destinations are buffeted by a further number of airports that are served by Air China’s many subsidiaries. Of these subsidiary companies there are Shandong Airlines, Air Macau, Beijing Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Tibet Airlines and Dalian Airlines.
Air China is well-connected with other airlines around the world. It has many international flights, and recently created a direct route to Houston with a brand new Boeing 777. Such long-haul flights are hallmarks of airline prestige. The other airlines with which Air China is affiliated include all of those that are likewise part of the Star Alliance group. These airlines share bookings, reward program transfers and more.
The reward program that is specific to Air China is called Phoenix Miles, and functions just like other frequent flyer programs. Passengers are awarded based on miles flown and seats reserved. Phoenix Miles is the first of its kind in China. Members hold either silver, gold or platinum cards and the perks that come with depend on the usage and locale. Miles are generally redeemed for tickets, upgrades and special offers on rentals.

Air China Flight Destinations

Air China’s fleet provides service to many international and domestic airports. Air China serves most of the national economic hubs as well as regional capital cities. Through the airline’s many subsidiaries, they also offer flights to smaller destinations. Many countries in the immediate vicinity of China are served. These include North and South Korea, Mongolia, Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Pakistan and Russia. Air China offers service to Sao Paulo, Brazil, and to the United Arab Emirates. There are routes to the US and Canada, and a number of European countries including Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany and the United Kingdom.
There are many destinations not listed here that Air China passengers can arrive to via the various codeshare agreements that the airline maintains. These agreements are kept with Lufthansa, United Airlines, US Airways, Virgin Atlantic, LOT Polish, Air Canada, Air New Zealand, Cathay Pacific, EgyptAir, Finnair, TAP Portugal, TAM Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Turkish Airlines and several others.

On Board Air China

The Air China fleet is made up of a mixture of different kinds of aircraft produced by the major companies Boeing and Airbus. China is also producing its own passenger airlines through the national company Comac, and Air China will be one of the first to receive an order.
Aboard different flights there are various configurations of seating. All flights are staffed by professional and helpful flight attendants, and all aircraft have a section dedicated to economy class seating. The seats come standard with sufficient space between them. Complimentary offerings are to be had on all flights, and the longer the duration the greater the attention.

Business Class Flights

The Business Class is the best option for those who are seeking additional comfort. The seats are larger than those in economy, and they can be inclined to a high degree. Each Business Class passenger receives a free amenities kit with their seat, which includes the basic travel items one needs in case of lost luggage. The complimentary meal service provides a number of dishes to choose from, which rotate bi-monthly. The touch-screen entertainment system is advanced, and easy to navigate. There is a selection of films that for Western eyes might seem like a strangely eclectic choice, but sufficient for a flight.

Air China Lounges

The Business Lounges are basic, standard lounges that Business and First Class passengers can access. Theses lounges exist in all the hub cities, focus cities, and where they do not exist internationally, passengers can use Star Alliance members’ lounges as well. One can expect complimentary food and drink, exclusive service and comfortable seating.


Air China’s website can be found at It is available in many languages, with the option that the site remembers your settings by using cookies. Air China’s website offers a comprehensive homepage of special offers on flights. There are also news feeds and various articles that can be of use to the traveler. One can access their call center from here, as well as gather all the information they will need in order to make the most of the Phoenix Miles program.


Cheap Air China Flights & Online Bookings

Below are a historical prices of flight deals on Air China from the USA to . Prices are a guide only and are subject to availability and conditions, additional charges may apply. For more deals try the booking engine

Sydney from $1021* Los Angeles from $911* Manila from $811* Kuala Lumpur from $587*
Bangkok from $585* New York from $1095* Las Vegas from $1513* Melbourne from $1238*
London from $942* Dubai from $983* San Francisco from $901* Singapore from $580*
Vancouver from $1168* Paris from $1304* Rome from $1906* London Heathrow from $845*
Frankfurt from $1087* Cairo from $1580* Delhi from $1025* New York JFK from $1140*
Kathmandu from $1462* Tokyo from $756*

Flight Route Origin Country Destination Country Distance
Sydney to Beijing Australia China 5558 miles
Los Angeles to Beijing United States China 6223 miles
Sydney to Shanghai Australia China 4877 miles
New York to Beijing United States China 6807 miles
Melbourne to Beijing Australia China 5650 miles
Melbourne to Shanghai Australia China 4971 miles
London Heathrow to Beijing United Kingdom China 5055 miles
San Francisco to Beijing United States China 5886 miles
Singapore to Beijing Singapore China 2784 miles
Vancouver to Beijing Canada China 5265 miles
Singapore to Chengdu Singapore China 2015 miles
Singapore to Xiamen Singapore China 1856 miles
Hong Kong to Beijing Hong Kong China 1235 miles
Hong Kong to Dalian Hong Kong China 1233 miles
Hong Kong to Chengdu Hong Kong China 838 miles
Hong Kong to Tianjin Hong Kong China 1177 miles
Hong Kong to Chongqing Hong Kong China 681 miles

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